The labors of Hercules were monstrous challenges that the greatest of the Greek heroes encountered on his adventures. As gamers dive into the digital world, they too can face treacherous foes and fearsome creatures. Let’s explore some of the fierce foes you can encounter as a gamer, regardless of what system you might be using.

The Dreaded Microtransactions 

Microtransactions aren’t always negative. They can, when used correctly, add something interesting to the mechanics of the game. The problems emerge when games use a ‘pay to win’ system. This means that you have to pay to see any type of progress. Mobile games are common culprits of these types of systems and they can even be found in spin-offs of games from top developers. Legal action has resulted in microtransactions being far less discreet. So, you can usually avoid them these days if they make your stomach turn. 

The Leering Lag 

Low ping and high lag can be a sure way to die in mass multiplayer games in Battle Royale. One minute you’ll be happily building up to the sky in Fortnite, and the next you’ll be on the ground shot by a Sniper as your game seemingly jumps backwards in time. Lag tends to be caused by a poor internet connection. That’s why console developers recommend a wired connection for their tech. However, you can also get lag on servers that are not providing the right quality support. Even the cheapest VPS solutions can help you avoid getting lag. You just need to check the reviews before you start using a solution like this. 

The Deadly Drift 

Drift can occur on virtually every controller console. Drift causes you to move without you touching the joystick at all. It’s another way to accidentally fall off a cliff or lose control at a crucial point in your favorite game. It can be triggered by changing the settings on a game. So, if you do like to toy with these, you can try heading back to the default option. Alternatively, drift might be fixed with an update. We say months because there have been cases where companies have taken months to address the issue. We’re looking at you Nintendo. 

The Light Of Doom 

The yellow light of doom, the red light of death, the white light of destruction – it’s known by many names. This is a changing term used to describe the ultimate sign that your console or favorite tech device is bricked. Without expert support and usually a fair amount of money, your console or computer will no longer be playable. If you fear you stumbled upon the light of doom, check guides out online by searching for your specific tech symptoms. It’s possible there is a quick fix out there somewhere – fingers crossed! 

The Elusive Exclusive 

Finally, while not as detrimental as other issues, modern gamers have lamented at how much developers now rely on console exclusives. These can be timed or last for an unspecified period, forcing players to choose between missing a popular title or buying yet another console. Perhaps the most recent glaring issue is that of Spider-Man. Sony holds all the cards when it comes to Spider-Man and it’s meant that one of the best superhero games ever made is now only available on Playstation consoles. Microsoft has seemingly fought back with an Indiana Jones exclusive. With tech companies now buying entire gaming studios, it doesn’t look like the exclusivity wars are ending anytime soon. 

Have you faced these fearsome foes in the world of gaming yourself? The good news is that you can beat them all with the right tool or weapon. Even if that does mean shelling out a little extra cash to play a great title locked on a different console.