The Mindy Project 509 – Bat Mitzvah

Mindy Lahiri crashes a little girls bat mitzvah and no one is even a little bit surprised. Also, Ben’s ex Patricia is beautiful & intense, Lindsay is ADORBS, Colette has a new girlfriend, Jeremy just wants to watch A Star Is Born, Anna calls celery “dessert,” and someone from The Good Place makes an appearance to dump Jody.

Last week, Mindy and Ben were in a good place, until Ben explicitly told her to not bother going to his daughters Bat Mitzvah.

At first, Mindy thought this was a good thing, that Ben was just protecting her from boredom, but then, after Peter showed up and climbed in through her window, she got all insecure about Ben & his ex-wife spending all that time together.


In true Mindy Lahiri fashion, she decided to crash Lindsay’s party (after she found out that Ben told Lindsay she was too busy to attend).

Turns out, Ben’s ex Patricia is a gorgeous model-like woman (heyyyy guest star Kimrie Lewis Davis!) Mindy is now extra stressed because Ben didn’t want her there and he and Patricia had been reconnecting a month prior.

While he’s speaking at the podium about how much he loves Lindsay and blablabla, he spots Mindy in the audience! Bae Ben tries and fails to talk himself out of trouble.

Mindy and Peter decide to just enjoy their time at the party, but Ben crashes their fun while they’re in the middle of a portrait session. As he’s explaining that he didn’t invite her because Patricia is crazy, she walks by and stops to ask who Mindy is.


Peter quickly blurts out that she’s a rabbi, prompting Patricia to take her aside and privately ask her for advice about getting back together with Ben!

As Mindy is trying to dissuade her from getting back with Ben, she learns that he cheated on Patricia.Then Ben walks in, and the lie is still going strong, UNTIL LINDSAY WALKS IN!

She’s super excited to see Mindy (“Mindy you made it!”), so then Patricia finds out that Mindy isn’t a rabbi but Ben’s new bae. and understandably (?) freaks the f*** out!


They all sorta fight a lot and Mindy and Peter just leave. He seems to be miserable at home but we don’t really get into all that. Later, Ben shows up at Mindy’s door to apologize.He promises he’s not that guy anymore, and says that he cheated because it wasn’t working and he wanted an out. From any other man I would not buy this BS excuse, but I love him, so Im sure he’s changed hehe.

Meanwhile, Jeremy was just trying to have a “Born” (A Star Is Born) movie marathon but Colette & Morgan dragged him into their mess with Jody. Let’s talk about that! Dr. K is dating a Mindy wannabe (played perfectly by The Good Place’s Real Eleanor) but he doesn’t realize it. The gang ends up having to show up at his place to have an intervention and make him realize he’s still pining.

Also in this episode, Colette has a girlfriend and Anna ate celery for dessert.


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