1. Maid of Honor: Jess was super excited to be Cece’s maid of honor for the second time in a row, and she was excited to help in any way she could. After Cece bought the most hideous dress in the world, Jess decided to help Cece fix her dress, but after a long day of being uninspired, she finally figured out that turning the dress inside out, was the ticket to its success. Of course, we saw that little details were added here and there in the end, but operation “fix the dress,” was complete. Also, she made sure that her planning was on point, including the bachelorette party (which went a little haywire) and the rehearsal dinner, which went smoothly, with help from Nick. Sadly, things didn’t go as planned during the actual wedding, since Schmidt was stuck on a plane, but things worked out in the end.

2. Jury duty: When Jess was picked for jury duty, our New Girl left for a few episodes. This gave us our introduction to Reagan, and of course we all had mixed feelings about her.

3. The dating scene: So Jess found herself back in the dating scene, and lets just say, things didn’t start off so well. First, she went out with Fred, who ended up being a complete bore and had no personality. Then she had a crush on a juror she sat a few seats down from during jury duty, and after causing a huge scene on TV, they ended up having nothing in common. She made out with Gavin, who happened to be Schmidt’s dad, and then ended up with Sam again. After quitting her job, Jess randomly runs into Sam again, when she finds out that the principal of the new school she’s applying for, is dating him. Things started out pretty rocky, when Sam gives Jess a restraining order, but quickly, they get back together. I still don’t think it made sense for them to get back together, but like I said, Sam had just given her a restraining order. Soon enough, Sam is asking Jess to meet his parents, but Nick’s presence is still looming over the couple. Then we meet Sam’s friend, Diane, and things get more complicated. Diane is still in love with Sam, but Sam assured Jess that he is over her. WRONG! Apparently, he takes that back and tells Jess that he’s in love with her. And that is the end of the relationship with Doctor Sam.

4. Nick: After last seasons finale with the sex mug, I thought things were going to skyrocket between Nick and Jess, but of course I was wrong. Yet again, the writers kept us guessing about what was going to happen with the two because they weren’t really having any interactions together. We didn’t see any feelings towards Nick until Reagan came into the picture. First, when Reagan and Jess finally met, they had several talks about Nick and his many odd quirks. Jess revealed that during Cece’s last wedding, Nick was the only person she would have gone into a duct with, which I guess was a way of her saying that she trusts him, even in the weirdest of situations. She also, had a sweet moment with Nick on her bed when she returned, where they said that they missed each other. That definitely made the Ness fans happy because even though they’re not together anymore, they still really care about each other. Then we finally had a lot of great Nick and Jess moments when we had two episodes with them carrying the main storyline. Nick attempted to help Jess buy a new car and Jess had a sex dream about Nick. Both were great episodes, but “Helmet” was truly great because of what the helmet symbolized. Nick had given Jess a gift that was originally from his dad and after they had to break it, she was kind enough to have a piece of it framed for Nick. Lastly, things got serious during the last two episodes. Sam revealed to Jess that she wouldn’t have married him because she still has feelings for Nick, and after Jess realized that she still had feelings for him, she couldn’t reveal those feelings because of Reagan. We did get that amazing scene in Jess’ bedroom between the two when Jess told Nick that he’s incredible. That definitely moved the Nick and Jess storyline forward, so now the writers can’t back track like they’ve done before. Next season will really be about Jess confronting Nick about her feelings. It should be exciting.


1. Best Man: Schmidt asked Nick to be his best man, and even though he hesitated at first, Nick finally accepted his offer. Funnily enough, we saw later that Schmidt and Jess made fun of Nick because of the fact that he never gets things done. And in a twist of fate, Nick definitely arises to the challenge, when he tells Schmidt that he’ll do his best to give him a great bachelor party. And besides being a best man, he really opened up this season to Schmidt. He revealed that he was worried that he wouldn’t have children, that he wanted magic between him and woman, he gave Schmidt a great pep talk about how he will be a great husband to Cece, and that he didn’t want to see him get hurt by his father. I think Nick really progressed this season because of all of those things. He shared his feelings and tried to be a more protective friend towards Schmidt. It was really nice to see and Nick is slowly moving away from his grumpy old self.

2. Bar owner: We’ve also seen a progression in Nick’s character in terms of his laziness. It seems to be fading away because now he is a co-owner of the bar and he’s actually taking it seriously. He makes sure things are under control and he’s actually doing a better job at running the bar than Schmidt. When they had competition, he made sure to put an end to it, even though he did a poor job at doing it, but things worked out in the end. He’s really maturing and coming into his own.

3. Reagan: Things get a little crazy when Reagan arrives. When Jess is away at jury duty, Nick decides to rent out her bedroom. After several colorful characters rent out Jess’ bedroom, Nick gets Reagan to stay at the loft. Of course seeing how gorgeous Reagan is, Nick instantly falls head over heels for her and goes way over the top to impress her. Weirdly enough, Reagan and Nick are similar in some ways, like they both don’t trust banks, which we also get a reference to in the finale, but their personalities are very different. After secretly pining over Reagan for a couple of episodes, Reagan finally figures out that Nick has a crush on her. They get together, but are quickly pulled apart because Jess returns and Reagan has to go back to work. Finally, during the end of the season, Nick asks Reagan to the wedding, and she shows up. Things didn’t seem to be panning out for them, but after Jess talks to Reagan about Nick, she musters up the courage to start dating him. And then it was revealed that Nick was going to go to New Orleans with Reagan for 3 months! I’m interested to see what happens during those months.

4. Jess: Like I said before, him and Jess didn’t really have much screen time during most of the season, but when Sam comes onto the scene, things start happening. When Jess makes Nick and Sam talk out their feelings about each other, Sam wants Nick to apologize for kissing Jess. After much thought, Nick decides that he won’t apologize for kissing Jess because she wanted him to and that their relationships was one of the best he’s ever had. It was great to hear that from Nick because we don’t really hear Nick and Jess talk about their relationship that much, so it was nice to hear Nick make all those positive comments. Further into Jess’ time with Sam, Nick and him start having a little rivalry because of the fact that they’ve both dated Jess. Nick has always been Jess’ go to guy, so I think for a minute, Nick didn’t want to let that go. He finally let Sam and Jess have their time together, but come time for the wedding, even though he had cute moments with Jess being best man and maid of honor, he’s still hung up on Reagan. When Jess had her outburst towards Nick about being incredible, I really want to know what was going through his head, because he looked somewhat shocked and confused.


1. The wedding: We all know that Schmidt loves planning events, so instead of the bride planning the wedding, we know that Schmidt was all over it. His first obstacle he faces is planning the bachelor party. An old friend of his wants to pay for his party, but after talking to Nick about it, they decide to go at it alone. Second, finding a place to have the wedding was difficult because of the pricing and reservations. In the end, him and Cece decide to have their wedding in an old warehouse. Things turn for the worst when Cece buys that god awful dress, and he tries to help Jess get her juices flowing. Unfortunately, in doing so, he ends up getting fired, but thankfully, Jess gets his job back. The day before the wedding Schmidt realizes that he’s lost his wedding vows, and when Nick and Winston try to help him come up with new ones, things just go downhill. Eventually, Schmidt remarks that all he wants to do is make Cece happy, so with that in mind, he uses that to write his vows. When the wedding day arrives, Schmidt is no where to be found, because he is off to get Cece’s mom. When Cece finally told her mom about the wedding, she didn’t approve of her marrying Schmidt, so Schmidt did all he could for Cece’s mom to change her mind. Unfortunately, when Schmidt is waiting to take off for Portland, he tells Cece to go ahead and start the wedding without him. He’s there via video chat, but after all the planning that went into the wedding, he’s not even there. When he finally does return to the loft, they have a small ceremony instead.

2. Cece: There was some trouble in paradise between Schmidt and Cece after they got engaged, but there were people along the way, that told them that they were meant for each other. When Schmidt was getting mad about people hitting on Cece, Reagan gave her two cents, and gave Schmidt advice about talking to Cece. During his bachelor party, all Schmidt was thinking about was if he was a good enough husband for Cece, because he wanted to be manly enough for her. Thankfully, Nick told Schmidt that he’s already a great husband to her because he knows from experience how great Schmidt has been to him. Also, what transitioned Schmidt from being a douchebag to husband material, was breaking the douchebag jar during the wedding ceremony. Even though Schmidt can be immature at times, we’ve seen him become a great spouse for Cece because he wants the best for her.

3. Gavin: This season, we got introduced to Schmidt’s dad, and there was definitely a nice progression in their relationship. He obviously first met Jess and came over to the loft, but the ball got rolling when Schmidt gave him a wedding invitation. We didn’t know if Gavin was going to show up since he hasn’t been the best dad in the world, but his frame of mind changed for the better. He came over to taste wines with Schmidt, and reassured Nick that he was going to spend more time with Schmidt from now on. After almost giving Schmidt false hope about him staying in the picture, he let Schmidt know that he didn’t want him and Cece to get married in an old warehouse, so he invited them to get married at his vineyard. Things definitely seem like they’re looking up for the father and son and I hope we get to see more Gavin in the future.


1. The wedding: Things didn’t start out so great for Cece in terms of her wedding, because first of all, she didn’t tell her mom that she got engaged. She was afraid that her mom wouldn’t like Schmidt, and of course she was right. Things also took a turn when her and Schmidt had to book their wedding at a warehouse and not a fancy hotel, and on top of that, her wedding dress was a disaster. There were some sentimental moments though. First with her moving out of her apartment. So much has gone down in Cece’s apartment, and it was kind of a sad moment to see her move out. So many memories between her and Jess and it was nice to see all the flashbacks. Also, at her wedding, her mom actually showed up. It was a sweet moment when she showed Cece that Schmidt had been calling her non-stop to get her to come to the wedding, and I’m glad it all worked out.

2. Schmidt: With the fact that Schmidt was getting mad at everyone for hitting on Cece, we find out that Reagan and Cece had a relationship back in the day. It was kind of a weird side note to have be apart of Reagan and Cece’s character, but I think the writer’s just put it in there, so Reagan had some kind of connection to the gang. When Cece had an interview for a gas station newscaster job, Schmidt really stepped it up to make sure she went to that interview because he didn’t want her to miss out on a great opportunity. In the end, she did get the job, but we didn’t really hear about it after that. Also, like Schmidt, Cece was having her doubts. When she was moving out of her apartment, she was freaking out about marrying Schmidt. Getting married is a big deal and spending the rest of her life with Schmidt kind of scared her. Thankfully, Schmidt was there to reassure her that he was having the same feelings, but they would work it out together. Also, like Schmidt, Cece was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to take care of Schmidt. It all took effect when she received a bread maker from Schmidt’s mom during her bachelorette party, and chaos ensued. In the end, Jess told Cece that she’s an incredibly strong and caring person and that she will be a great wife for Schmidt. I’m excited to see what’s next for Schmidt and Cece. Will they have kids next? Move out of the loft and get their own place? We’ll see.


1. His job: Winston has made great strides by being a cop and he has definitely found a job that suits him. We’ve seen him try to find his true calling, but I think he’s settled at his new job. He works hard and he doesn’t care what anyone else in the force thinks of him.

2. Dating life: Even though he had a crush on Aly, Winston still kept on dating in order to get her off his mind. First off, he found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him, so he ended things with her by having Cece tell her that he was dead. He had a date, but didn’t want to go because of his feelings for Aly, and then there was Ronda. Ronda was truly insane, and after a crazy day of them pranking Schmidt and Cece, they ended up getting married as a prank, which didn’t end so well for Winston. He’s technically still married to Ronda, but I don’t know if the writers will revisit that storyline.

3. Aly: We were introduced to Aly this season, when we were introduced to Winston’s cop life. Aly was assigned to be partners with Winston and they instantly hit it off with their witty interactions. They always had a funny back and forth, with Winston talking about something that was outlandish, and Aly replying with a sarcastic response. As episodes went by, Winston finally realized that he had feelings for Aly, and that started a whole whirl wind of emotions. Sadly, when he attempted to ask Aly out, he got rejected because she already had a boyfriend. After hearing about her boyfriend, Winston couldn’t stand hearing about him, so he decided to be partnered with another officer. Things didn’t go well with his new partner, and eventually, Aly and him made up. Eventually, Winston gave in and met Aly’s boyfriend, Trip, who happened to be an agent for animals. After a crazy day with Schmidt, Ferguson and Aly’s boyfriend, Trip finally told Winston that he was intimidated by him, which took Winston by surprise. During Schmidt’s bachelor party and Cece’s bachelorette outing, Winston learns that Aly is apparently single and Jess blurts out to Aly, that Winston has a crush on her. Winston comes back to the loft to ask Aly out, but gets rejected again. But things turn out for the best because he gets a kiss from Aly for remembering her 5th anniversary of being a cop. So things finally starting going right for them. Finally, we got to see them together as a couple and it was the best thing ever! I don’t think I’ve seen Winston so happy. Yea, he’s had some pretty good relationships with Shelby and Daisy, but he’s never pined over someone, like he has for Aly. They really mesh well together. I think it’s because Aly tames Winston’s crazy. Aly’s more the straight man, while Winston is all over the place. At work, things had to change because the couple couldn’t work as partners anymore, which is sad, but now we’ll see them a lot outside of work. Lastly, Aly mustered up the courage to tell Winston that she loved him. Things are really progressing between them and I can’t wait to see what happens between them next season.

Overall, this season had its ups and downs. I feel like it started off kind of slow, but around mid-season, things started to pick up. Having Reagan around made things interesting, but at the same time, I feel like the episodes got kind of repetitive with Nick obsessing over her. Also, I think Schmidt and Cece should of had more story lines together because it was their wedding after all. Lastly, I’m kind of over seeing Jess date other people. I feel like all the guys she dates now, besides Sam, barely last one episode, so they’re kind of useless. That’s why I’m super excited that Jess has feelings for Nick again. Now that FOX has revealed that the show is coming back with the rest of the fall shows, we don’t have too long to wait, which is good.


3/5 rating