On this side of TGON, we love indie creators and table-top roleplaying games. I even wrote my master’s thesis on TTRPGs, so you know it is a serious passion. So, when I heard about the Free Forge’s Stay Alive campaign from boss lady Shannon, I knew I had to share it all with you!

stay alive
Source: Screenshot of The Free Forge’s Stay Alive Episode Survivor’s Log #0426 – Operation Lazarus

Content Warning

Before the episode began, the players offered a content warning, which I would like to extend to this review. Stay Alive is a survival horror TTRPG that may not be for all viewers. There will be elements of violence, biological infection, and emotional trauma. However, TGON aims to be a safe space for the community, and while these themes do not offend my sensibilities, I understand that may not be the case for others. Therefore, from here on out, reader discretion is advised.

The Story

This story began in an encampment just over a year after the infection started. It is here that our characters meet under the supervision of the camp doctor, Dr. Lee Bend. Below I have shared the characters’ names and their respected players.

CharacterPlayerSocial Media Handle
Virus/GMDeej Storer@DnDeej
RoseKris Gideon@kissofhemlock
JosieMindy Hopkins@MissMindykins
JustinJoshua Simons@JoshuaMSimons
ArthurTony Ballard-Smoot@CaptLaGrange
A table of the players, their social media handles, and character names.

Dr. Bend explains that our possible heroes have been chosen for a special mission. One thing all of these individuals have in common is their lack of connections within the community. Because of this, they have been tasked to retrieve items from a location in the danger zone. In exchange, they will be granted a spot in the Arc Program in exchange, which would almost certainly provide safety and comfort. The goal here is to obtain at least five desirable samples to get into the Arc Program; any extra samples will get them a plus one. So it is safe to say the stakes are high.


While I love a good horror film, I have never watched a horror-themed TTRPG. So I was kind of unsure of what to expect, but after watching just a taste of Stay Alive, I was hooked. Storer’s methodical story-telling drew me in, and the players were intriguing. I desperately want to know more about everyone’s backstories, and I am thoroughly rooting for them. There are many avenues this story could take, and I am happy to be along for the ride, even if it keeps me on the edge of my seat.

Odds and Ends

Head on over to their Twitch channel if you want to check out the Free Forge’s Stay Alive campaign. They stream live on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm CST. Overall, I know once I have caught up on their streams, my Wednesday nights will be booked.