I tend to hear that my taste in movies is strange. This fact could come as no surprise from my love of the Bloodsucka Jones series. I love a unique storyline with tongue-in-cheek comedy, and if you feel the same way, Dudes and Dragons is the perfect film for you.

Dudes and Dragons
Source: Kandorsite

The Plot

Lord Tensley (James Marsters), once a well-respected wizard who went rogue, has decided to take a bride.  Lady Ennogard (Kaitlin Doubleday) respectfully declined Tensley’s offer. This enrages the mage and causing him to send out a dragon that destroys anyone who displays affection. Tensley’s terms are simple, Ennogard accepts his love and shares her land, and the dragon will be ordered to stop killing the innocent. Ennogard sent out a trusted dragonfly to find her savior to avoid this tragic fate, who she vows to love and honor until the end of time.

On the other side of this word, budding love between a human noble, Camilan (Maclain Nelson), and the elf princess Larec (Clare Niederpruem), steams up. Camilian proposes marriage even though obtain his parent’s blessing is impossible. Camilian cannot marry outside his race because the family would lose everything unless the eldest son marries a human. So Camilian and his squire Samton (Jake Van Wagoner) set out to convince brother Ramicus (Adam Johnson) to wed. Ramicus and his orc companion Shokdor (Erik Denton) scoff at the idea, that is, until an enchanted dragonfly flies into Ramicus’s abode. In the end, this is the call to action and sets the stage for tragedy, romance, and comedy to commence.


Dudes and Dragons is by no means a series story. Most of the movie was filmed in front of a green screen with more fire effects than I have ever seen in a film. However, it is an epic story about conquering an evil wizard and winning the girl. It is a tale as old as time, and it is simply fun to watch. The cast seems to work well together; the light-hearted humor made me laugh several times over. I knew I would love this movie within the first five minutes, and I was not wrong. Overall, if you have a few hours to kill and an Amazon Video Prime account, I highly recommend grabbing some snacks and watching Dudes and Dragons.