I love highlighting businesses local to Arizona, especially of the nerdy variety. I have been playing D&D for several years now. Unfortunately, most of these games are virtual. Therefore, we do not need minis to enjoy our games. However, my spouse and I have added 3D printing to our crafting arsenal and create minis for ourselves and friends anyway. So, when we went to Tucson Comic-Con and met the proprietor of TitanCraft, we immediately backed their Kickstarter and purchased the asset packs that applied to our games.

What is TitanCraft?

TitanCraft is a custom TTRPG miniature-making software. Patrons start with a preset character or monster, and then the sky is the limit. Free assets can be used, or asset packs can be purchased. If you buy an asset pack that is yours to use forever, no subscription is required. Once your mini is created, you can export it as an STL to print it yourself or have TitanCraft send you your figure. STL exports are unlimited, which is especially great if there are new things you need to add to your mini. If you do not want to purchase a whole pack, you can mix and match it to suit your needs. There is also a community library where you can gain inspiration or use those designs for your game. Overall, there are many great features of this software.


Accessibility Tool?

I have what is known as essential tremor, which manifests differently in everyone. Some individuals have tremors in their hands, while others have them in their necks. I have it all over, from my tongue to my toes, making my fine motor skills trash. So, painting most minis is difficult. The ones I find through typical sources tend to have a lot of detail, and I get frustrated. I usually paint my figures various shades of one color.

My poor Air Genasi Gale is just different shades of blue. However, my Aasimar Daffodil that I created with TitanCraft is a different story. I could place items to get my paintbrush in there without shmearing in places I did not want. Is she perfect? No, no paint job I do is going to be perfect. But this is my most painless experience painting a mini, and I am excited to paint more. Overall, TitanCraft upped my painting game, and I am all for it.

Overall Thoughts

In conclusion, TitanCraft is the primary way we will create custom minis. My spouse, without fine motor skills issues, enjoyed how creative he could get while making his Paladin Barbarian named Qill. He was able to create the custom axe he made in-game for his mini and was pleased as punch with how detailed everything came out. He had a blast making Qill and is already planning past characters he will be printing. Overall, I am looking forward to creating more minis with this software.

Odds & Ends

The photos I have shared above are the painted and home-printed versions of Quil and Daffodil. I have also shared the minis I won at the TitanCraft booth at the Tucson Comic-Con. I wanted to share the quality of the minis in case anyone wanted to buy directly from the seller. Their prints are great, and I have never seen such a badass mimic. If you want to start making your custom minis, check out their website. If you are looking for more TTRPG-based Arizona content, check out my article on shops in the East Valley.