Red Nose Day is a charity that aims to end childhood poverty in America, this year they joined forces with Wizards of the Coast to bring attention to kiddos in need especially during these uncertain times. D&D Live 2020: Roll with Advantage unveiled amazing content and allowed role-playing enthusiasts to donate to a wonderful cause. While the event is over, one can still give to Red Nose Day here and watch some one-shots from the newest D&D installment, Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. All the Game’s streams are linked below, and I highly encourage everyone to check them out.


Source: Bell of Lost Souls


Deborah’s Game featuring Deborah Ann Woll as DM, Sam Richardson, Janina Gavankar, Amy Acker, Mathew Lillard, and Jay Ellis


D&D Red Nose Day Game featuring Chris Perkins as DM, Felicia Day, Brett Gelman, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, and Martin Starr

Comedians Play D&D featuring Kate Welch as DM, Sue Perkins, Kevin Sussman, Thomas Middleditch, Reggie Watts, and Brian Posehn


Lost Odyssey Heroes Game featuring Chris Perkins as DM, David Harbor, Brandon Routh, Karen Gillian, and Pom Klementieff

D&D WWE Game featuring Jeremy Crawford as DM, Alexa Bliss, Tyler Breeze, Dio Maddin, Ember Moon, and Xavier Woods

I must say, I have watched a ton of D&D streams in my time, and during this event, two games, in particular, that tickled my fancy. The Comedian’s Game with Kate Welch had me laughing so hard, my sides hurt. The way Welch worked with these wacky characters was inspiring, and I must admit Posehn was by far my favorite player. Literally, everything that came out of their mouths was gold, and I couldn’t have been happier. Additionally, the WWE game was also hilarious. The way the players worked together was reminiscent of my time at the table, and even if their antics didn’t go according to plan, they rolled with the punches.

Overall, this was the best weekend I have had in a while; I enjoyed spending my time watching the various one-shots and seeing some of my favorite celebrities join the world of D&D. It was also interesting to learn more about the multiple elements Icewind has incorporated into D&D, including new sports for players to enjoy and different ways to interact in this frigid environment. It was also interesting to see the Baulder’s Gate pre-alpha footage and watch the Hero’s Feast Cooking Show. With over 21 hours’ worth of content, it was hard to share it all here; however, I’d love to hear about your favorite D&D Live 2020 moments in the comment section below!