Strand is sitting like a smug asshole, as usual, telling someone to paint a portrait of him based on what (Strand) sees, based on what he has built. Strand rejected every potential intake for an entire week, including medics, fire chief, a carpenter. He says he is not admitting people based on a list he is doing it all on his instincts which has gotten them this far. Strand is getting upset when another intake is here, and guess what it is Morgan and the baby. Morgan just wants to come in and see June, but Morgan sends him away. The painting is AMAZING! But Strand is a nut and hates it and throws it over the roof and tells her he is lucky it wasn’t her. He says nobody sees him for what he really is and he wants someone to go and find Morgan and to let them inside.

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Morgan and June are happy to see each other, Morgan tries to slyly see how June likes things here. She doesn’t love it but she can help people here. Morgan asks how this is any different than what Virginia offered her, June said don’t, and she asks if he has anything better. Morgan says he is working on it. June figured out what is wrong and it could have led to hearing loss, and she should stay for observation, which could take around 36-48 hours. Strand says he needs Morgan to do something, and he has to do it if he wants to see the little girl again.

Suddenly a walker is launched into the tower, Strand pushes it back out the glass window and it explodes on the way down. The Stalkers are here and want to talk to Strand. The guy on the line was Arnold, who his friends used to call Arno, he was the one who used to be a carpenter. Arno gave him an hour’s warning and told him they found a warhead that wasn’t detonated and they will put some shards in the next walkers, which in turn will contaminate the entire tower making it uninhabitable.

Strand wants Dorie to get to the roof, while Morgan wants to help but Strand tells him he can’t trust him. The damage was on a lot of the lower floors, Strand is sick and he is poisoned. He passed out for ten minutes. John Dorie has them in his sights, he says if he shoots he is going to blow up the entire lot, Wendell relays back that unless they want the tower extra crispy they need to avoid the fight. The Stalkers are loading up another walker into the catapult. They have 47 minutes before the timer is up so Strand tells everyone to stand down.

Morgan and Strand are talking, Morgan wants to help and get word to Grace, while Strand doesn’t want him anywhere near him. He refuses to let him help until he gets to the point where he knows he has to accept his help. They try to get word to the armory but the hardline might have been damaged. The tension is broken up because another walker is launched at the tower and lands at a level below them. Arno says it was a warning for the gunman on the roof to not do anything stupid. Those two walkers were clean but the next one won’t.

Strand was poisoned with methylene blue, John Dorie wants to talk to the people outside, he could use his expertise to talk them down. Strand wants to get to the armory to reach out to Grace for help. He doesn’t trust anyone else to do it so he wants to go down the six flights of stairs himself. Strand starts accusing everyone of everything, including letting it spill that the reason Wendell is upset is that Strand turned Sara away, which is something Wendell never knew. Strand knows he can’t get there himself so he demands that Morgan goes with him and give Strand baby Mo as collateral for the journey so Morgan doesn’t try anything.

Morgan has to repel down an elevator shaft to get down to the lower levels, while Strand is talking nonsense to the baby. Morgan knows that Victor is close to the edge and he doesn’t want him to turn and harm the baby so he says he isn’t moving until the baby is down into his arms. Strand now says what he wants doesn’t matter he isn’t going to ask Morgan to get it, he starts lowering Mo down to Morgan, which is a scary little journey for her past walkers and such.

Keith Carradine as John Dorie Sr. – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Strand yells out to Alicia, Morgan comes back and says he thought she didn’t know where she was, he says he doesn’t but he wants Morgan to go look for him because she wouldn’t want Strand to find her. Morgan tells Strand they will be back and he promises. Strand wakes up to June giving him some fluids, Morgan says he got the walkie, and Grace and Sarah did the rest and it’s them Strand needs to thank. June goes to help others and tells Strand to never use her medical skills again to get what’s he want. Morgan says he will stay with Strand until he is ready to walk. Morgan tells Strand that he needs to make it a place Alicia would want to live at, and a place that people he knows will want to be at. Strand says his gut says Morgan will find her.

When Morgan helps Strand up he sees the blue dye on Morgan’s fingers, he is the one who poisoned Strand. Strand asks if the baby was even sick, Morgan says he stopped Arno and if he knew what he was going to do he wouldn’t have tried anything. Strand’s right-hand man comes and gets Morgan at gunpoint, Strand has Morgan go to the roof and ready to throw him over the edge. However Grace is on the phone for Strand, Grace tells Strand that she needs her help. Some of the walkers with the warhead pieces got away and have merged with the other walkers around the building, and even if they can’t find them they will be leaking for months. Grace says she can help get them, in exchange for Morgan and her daughter’s lives.

Howard tells Strand that if they kill Morgan they create a martyr. Howard and Strand both think that Grace is ultimately telling the truth. Strand says if she helps she has to come in and live under the same rules as everyone else and she can’t leave and neither can her baby. Grace reluctantly says yes. Morgan gets to talk to her and says she didn’t have to do that and Grace says she knows, she wanted to. For everyone, and Morgan says he will find his way back to her and Strand hangs up the phone on them. Strand says he will give them everything he couldn’t and has someone show Morgan the exit. He also asks someone to retrieve the painting he once threw over the edge.

Later that night, Howard tells Strand that Grace said she can find the dead with some equipment. Howard says they have some of what she needs and Strand tells him to send a patrol to get the rest of the items. Strand likes the painting all dirty and messed up, he also wonders who else he has been wrong about after being wrong about Morgan. In the end, he wants baby Mo to come to him, he wants the baby to get used to her new dad! Creeper alert!

Morgan starts heading off somewhere, and he knows he is being followed, it’s the Dark Horses Sherry and Dwight and some Stalkers. Morgan tells them if they are traveling with them there are some things they need to know about them, and Dwight says ya, you don’t know the half of it. Dwight and Sherry bring Morgan to a camp. The leader of the camp wants to talk to Morgan, Morgan goes and tells the leader that he didn’t come here for any trouble. The leader says they didn’t bring him here for any trouble, they need his help, and it’s Alicia! Alicia says they are tired and hungry and getting desperate, Morgan says he isn’t sure what he can do to help. Suddenly a call for all hands is made as walkers approach. Three or so walkers approach and Morgan gets a look and realizes they have some shards in them and yells at everyone to not shoot but it’s just a little too late as some of the soldiers light up the walkers and all three explodes. It creates a huge, nasty wall of toxic smoke as Morgan yells at everyone to run.