Welcome back to another week of awesome furry art!

We’re getting closer to good ol’ Thanksgiving. Here’s to some good food and safe celebrations!

So why not get those celebrations in early by checking out some cool furry art?

7. Leafy Cutie

Kicking off this week’s list is this pinup-like piece by Teranen that presents us with an anthro female Leafeon. What makes this really cute is the face – you’ve got a sideways glance with the classic “mlem” tongue sticking out. It’s a simple expression, but it’s a great way to add some adorable to a piece. I also like the abundance of plants – she is a plant-type after all – and the other Pokemon here and there in the piece.

6. Rikki

And now we go from the cute and adorable to the dark and creepy. Artistic duo Killrakagi brought to life this commission of the darkly Nikki. This dog/hyena hybrid certainly has a look to die for, and I’m not too sure if I’d listen to the words on her shoulder. Regardless, Killrakagi did a great job with the character’s body language and overall mood, using some great colors and shading.

I think this may be the oldest piece featured on here as well. This was dated back in 2018 – but I found it from one of my Twitter follows retweeting it.

5. Warrior Dog

Yifeng LZ is an artist I only discovered recently, but they’re rapidly becoming one of my overall favorites. And it’s hard not to see why – they have a great realistic style that still manages to have a bit of an animated look if that makes sense. And some great attention to detail with things like fur, muscles, and clothing. The colors of this piece work well with each other, too, with the brighter orange and white brilliantly contrasted by the dark grey, black, and chrome of his equipment. And of course, an awesome sword added in for good measure.

4. Jolteon Persona

Looks like we’ve got another anthro Pokemon taking on this list. And not only is it male this time around, but it’s also a bit of a crossover with the Persona franchise. The outfit this electric fellow is sporting is based on Izanagi’s design from Persona 4. And with a nice electrical attack to boot!

Persona looks like a very stylish series, so it’s great to see Eldrige was able to create a stylish commission. I also like how they incorporated a somewhat digitigrade style to the footwear. A nice touch!

3. Licensed Avian

We knock into the top three with this awesome bird book worm done by Christina Kraus. Well, he might be more of a secretary than a bookworm, but there’s no denying it: his design is really neat. Gold and blue always make for a great color combination, and having the shoulders and center brooch be avian-themed was a nice touch. The faded-looking lower golden portion of the robe is something I don’t see done too often, and really adds to the fantastic fantasy feel of this piece.

This popped up due to a Twitter trend that’s been happening the past week or so where artists share some of their most retweeted pieces. Twitter isn’t the only one that noticed his good looks, however, as he was officially licensed by Kraus for use in Humblewood.

2. One Man Orchestra

Being a one-man-band must be easier when you’ve got four arms and some feet you can use as if they were hands. And what’s this? A hand at the end of the tail that can wrap around things? Yeah, this fellow’s pretty coordinated I think. It’s a pretty cool and imaginative piece, something I’ve not really seen before. I also like the way everything curves around the character, it adds to the magic and whimsy of the piece.

Speaking of magic, let’s see the #1 pick:

1. Night of the Rukutarenact

All I have to say is: Whoa! This is an impressive piece of art by newcomer Noctem Tenebris. How have I never seen their material before? This is amazing – it reminds me of vintage Magic the Gathering art and other similar kinds of art. The dragon is drawn downright terrifying, with lots of cool scales, what looks like inserted gems, and even cool blue glowing eyes and mouth. Tenebris shows good use of color and lighting too – the red-hot lower portion of the piece makes for an eye-catching contrast with the cool blue-green glow of the top. Now, this is a majestically dangerous dragon!

Congratulation and well-done Noctem Tenebris, your piece is the #1 piece for this week!

Looks like I’ve got a new list of cool art and new artists to be thankful for. I’m always on the lookout for new artists to follow.

But what about you? Did you like the list, agree with it, disagree? Let me know your thoughts, and I’ll see you next week!