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If you missed my last cookbook article on Disney, you can find it here. Today in the cookbook series, we are talking about cookbooks from video games. Some of these games, like World of Warcraft, I have played. Some like Overwatch, I have not. Still, I like these cookbooks. I want some of them. I love that you can immerse yourself in the video games you love with the food. So let’s see what offerings I have for you this time.

World Of Warcraft ~ It has everything for a meal. It even gives you background into ancient Pandarian spices, which I find fantastic. In addition, it has recipes like Buzzard Bites, which are a recipe you can cook in the game, and Conjured Mana Bun, which are from the mages. The book also has drink recipes. Drinks like Honeymint Tea and Kungaloosh are “cookable” in the game, so now you know what they taste like.

World Of Warcraft New Flavors Of Azeroth ~ In Dalaran, there is a Pandarian Panda named Nomi that you do your cooking daily with after you get to a certain level in cooking. This cookbook is from Nomi’s perspective. There are recipes like the Briartini, Gnomeregan Gnuggets, and Arden Apple Pie, all of which look mouth-watering.

Hearthstone: Innkeeper’s Tavern Cookbook ~ This one has both cocktails and mocktails so everyone can enjoy drinks from WoW. It even gives you recipes for syrups and garnishes for those drinks. There are sweets and savory dishes. There are drinks like Battlecry and Hair of the Worgen, sauces like curry ketchup, and bites like Chromaggus’s Double-Portion Ramen and Un’Goro Tar Pit Pudding. I love the names and want to try the food.

Elder Scrolls The Official Cookbook ~ I love the way this cookbook is set up and its recipes. It has basics like Nord Spices and Spiced Butter. Baked goods like cabbage biscuits (what are cabbage biscuits?), and snacks like Hot Mudcrab Dip. There are soups like Coastal Clam Chowder and Potage le Magnifique. Festival Hand Pies and Black-Briar Mead can be found in this book too. I need this book!

Fallout The Vault Dweller’s Official Cookbook ~ I am not a player of Overwatch like I am of WoW, so I am not familiar with if there is a cooking part in Fallout like there is in WoW. However, the pictures of the food are making my tummy growl. I found recipes like Brahmin Fries and BlamCo Mac and Cheese. Mutant Mantis Marsala sounds good too.

Overwatch The Official Cookbook ~ This one is also broken down into regions like the Americas, Africa, and the Moon. Inside of those regions, it is further broken down into character classification too. There are recipes like Lucio’s Limonada, Ana’s Lentil Soup, and Reinhardt’s Currywurst. All of which sound delicious.

The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Online Cookbook ~ I played FFXIV a little. I didn’t care for it, but it does have a rich world. I like FFX much better. That is a cookbook I would love to see. The recipes are broken down into regions here. You can get La Noscea Warmwine or the Dodo Omelette. From Norvrandt you can get Coffee Biscuits. They are fun-looking recipes.

Do any of these trip your fancy? I think my favorite one is World Of Warcraft New Flavors Of Azeroth. I love that it is from Nomi’s point of view. As someone who loves cooking, both in and out of games, I have interacted with Nomi in Wow. If you like what you see, click on the link. It will take you directly to the book so you can add it to your cart. Check out the books and tell me what you want to cook out of these books in the comments below. Until next time…