Percy and Elton are sharing a horse with the intent of catching up and finding their friends. In a clearing they see two younger people eating in a camp they set up. Percy wants to run a con on them to get the food, but Elton wants to try to play things straight and ask them for food, the girl gives Elton some water and some two turnups. The girl introduces herself as Asha, and her brothers name is Dev. Percy tries to use Elton’s diversion to steal supplies from their wagon. This wasn’t Elton’s plan and he tips off the the two at what Percy is doing and they have to run away.

The brother and sister take chase and throw an axe at them that hits a tree. Elton trips up and falls in a field, unknowing to him and Percy it’s a field full of walkers that have grass and flowers grown on them. Percy notices and goes to try to save Elton and he is over takin by walkers too. The brother and sister catch up and help make the save, once the noticeable walkers are taken care of Elton eases up a bit, but he was sitting on a walker who bites on his arm on the Tuffy stich. Asha wants her brother to chop off Elton’s arm but Elton and Percy convince them to stop that he is not really bit because of his cloth armor. Asha loves the outfit and has Elton give it to her, after she gets in her new cloth armor the pair do a ritual. They scoop out the eyeballs from the sockets of the walkers and put flowers in the eye sockets.

– The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

At the CRM compound, Hope is doing some cardio around as a stealthy way to get some intel on the makeup of the place, security, etc.. Elsewhere Huck and Dennis have some boom boom together. Dr. Bennett is frustrated and wants Iris and Felix to come to the compound and be safe. He doesn’t not trust Huck or her mother.

Some short time later Hope is in science class. She is half daydreaming and half having a flashback as the teacher is talking about decay. Hope politely brings up that maybe focusing on yeast will be a good idea. The teacher says that outside the box thinking is what this place needs. The kids all get the rest of the day off to honor Omaha and they will be in a bunker partying. Hope declines to go study, which really is just get into an animated conversation with her dad. She ends up going to the gathering, has some drinks, plays a game of Jenga and has another flashback as the blocks fall. After this Hope goes to Huck and says she needs to see Iris. Huck breaks up with Dennis and asks for keys to his vehicle. She smuggles Hope out of the compound in the vehicle to go see Iris.

Annet Mahendru as Huck – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

Dev and Asha bring Elton and Percy back to their home, but not before stopping short of scary radioactive signs on trees. The pair put on gas masks and put some potato sacks over Percy and Elton’s heads to scare them. The brother and sister pair knew who Elton and Percy were all along, Iris and Felix told them, and they were just messing with them. Iris connects with Elton and Percy. Percy and Iris are happy to see each other, Elton is rocked a bit to know that Hope is no there with the others. Asha and Elton talk about some things, she tells Elton she thinks that the walkers are vessels, and that their spirits still lives on and by killing them it allows the spirit to find peace. Later that night Huck and Hope make it to the village, Iris and Hope connect. Elton hides because it’s to painful to talk to Hope. Percy has vengeance on his mind as he sees Huck.