The scientists are working on the next phase of the escape, they have placed explosives on scientist walkers. The soldiers shoot to kill all the walkers of course, but the scientists get some triggers on a hand held system to blow them up, reluctantly. Dr. Bennett tells Jadis that the explosions were just for show and they are ready to escalate this and are leaving. Jadis doesn’t think they are in a position to bargain but they have General Biel’s son, which obviously changes things.

Annet Mahendru as Huck – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

Jadis gives into the demands, which is some trucks to leave and for them to try to save everyone elsewhere. Jadis is upset and thinks that Huck failed her mission in getting Hope to understand how important what they are doing is. Huck counters, that she thinks she does, they all do, but not one that involved wiping out all their friends and an entire city. Elsewhere, Silas and Elton work together so Elton can remove the bullet from Dennis’s chest. Elton is able to remove it safely.

Things are happening at a rapid pace, Elton and Silas are leading walkers about a mile out of the CRM base. Dr. Bennett and scientists are leaving in a truck to draft attention to the military. While Felix and Hope go to try to blow up all the gas, but not before General Biel’s son tries to get Hope to change her mind. Iris and Percy start talking about a future which we all know is never good. In the cold storage something happened and it’s thawed out, walkers are everywhere but with frozen heads. Hope comes across Dr. Bellshaw and eventually slams her head through a door to kill it. All of the gas has been moved though so the plan is shot!

After leading the walkers to the CRM, Silas convinces Elton to go with him inside the medical facility to look for antibiotics for Dennis. While inside Silas comes across Webb, the person who was at the outpost who got promoted to a cadet. Webb had orders to kill everyone, and was going to do it, but Elton came back to tell Silas he found the supplies so he knocks out Webb for awhile. Webb wasn’t actually knocked out long and catches up to them but the door is locked, walkers break in and it’s to many for Webb who falls. Silas and Elton realize that the path is blocked and they can’t get back to the jeep. Elton comes up with a plan to get inside the big metal globe and use that to run all over the walkers to safety. All things considered it was an awesome scene.

Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

Felix and Jadis have a standoff over Biel. Jadis says she understands people are frustrated with them but it was for the greater good. Two years ago they did a study and saw that the coalition was being to reliant and would eventually bring everything down so they decided to eliminate them, extract children and great minds and all the supplies. What they did was better than having people die slowly. Biel’s kid breaks free during all the talking, Percy runs after him, but not before Jadis says one shot kills. Huck shoots a sniper that was getting into position after Jadis long distraction, and then kills another soldier and puts a gun to Jadis. During the mayhem Percy gets shot in the back of the head.

Hope points a gun at Mason and says it’s all his fault, all he had to do was come with them and everyone would have lived. Mason said it’s their fault and her family. Iris tells Hope don’t, because if she does this she will be doing something to herself. Felix gets a hummer and picks up Iris and Hope and leaves, while Huck still has Jadis at gunpoint. Walkers are approaching Mason, Jadis goes towards Mason, Huck shoots some walkers until she is out of bullets and hops in a jeep and leaves.

Dr. Bennett was able to get one truck and most of the scientists to the rendezvous, but someone put spikes in the road and blew a tire on the other truck, so Felix is going to go back on foot to help them while Iris and Hope will wait for others. Meanwhile Huck goes back to the outpost to look for her husband Dennis. Silas, Elton, Hope and Iris have a happy sad reunion. Hope and Elton have a moment, while Silas realizes that Percy isn’t there, and furthermore Hope tells everyone that the gas wasn’t there and it’s to late and the CRM won and will wipe out another city. Huck radio’s out to anyone that can hear and she gets Hope on the other line. Huck asks if they still have the C4 because she thinks she found something, and she did, at the outpost is all the gas.