As much as I was hard on this show early on, I do have to say that they turned it around here towards the end and really gets your attention to come back for the last season. Let’s get down to the last episode (finally, I’m sorry about that).

The good Dr. appears to be safe right now, he is enjoying some dinner with the large sandwich girl, if you know you know, but she is the one who has been doing the tests on all the other scientists. They appear to be a thing, but he obviously has some questions and some things that doesn’t seem to add up to him. He first says he is wondering where Dr. Bennett went, he said he loves the place and it doesn’t make sense for him to suddenly leave but never check in. He was told that he went back to Oregon to see his sick sister, though we know full well he is a walker test subject right now. Sandwich lady, Dr. Belshaw, is trying to prep herself in what she is going to say to the scientist, it’s obvious she is going to try to tell him why she told everyone about Hope and set in motion to get her to the CRM. Lastly, the Dr. suspects that something is not right about the CRM military, he notes that Will’s expedition should have been completed and back by now but they haven’t gotten any updates.

It’s time to catch up with Silas, who started a little BBQ since he found himself a squirrel, when he got his food he just left the BBQ that fell and started a fire. Elton followed the smoke to eventually find Silas, Elton tells him he found all his stuff and also found Percy, which Silas is very shocked about. Silas learns that he didn’t kill Tony or Percy, that it was Huck, which obviously is a big weight lifted from his shoulder. But he instantly follows up asking where Hope and Iris are, and if they are still with Huck, when the other guys say they think so Silas says they need to save them. The CRM close in on the boys, it could be a combination of Elton talking with Huck on the walkie, or the smoke from the fire Silas started, but the CRM are on the same street and so the trio take off towards safety. Silas leads them to a gate, asks the other two to leave and go save the girls as he will give himself up to give them time. This was possibly unneeded as they had time to get away, but this did work as the CRM did not kill Silas but just took him as a hostage.

Annet Mahendru as Huck shows off a Magic Trick she learned from Tony and Percy- The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Macall Polay/AMC

Hope holds Huck at gunpoint and wants to know who she is. Finally Huck admits that she is with the CRM, and if she dies they will keep coming for Hope. Hope says she left so Felix and Iris would be safe since the note said they are expendable, and she knows she is the “asset” since Huck left with her. Walkers approach after a Hope used a gunshot to get Huck in line, the two fight off the walkers and the gun is lost in the melee. As the two continue on Hope starts to realize more and Huck admits that she killed Tony and shot Percy to try to split everyone up, she has totally drank the kool-aid and keeps saying what she does is for the greater good. These two end up in a house for the night with a lantern on.

Elsewhere, Iris tells Felix the same things she was telling Hope, that she doesn’t trust Huck. She tells him about the room that has been left unchecked by anyone but Huck, who says that it was full of dead bodies. Inside that room has tons of supplies and medicine, the supplies help with Felix’s leg, and also some items that help patch up the trucks flat tire, Iris gets to learn how to drive since Felix says he can’t do it. These two catch up to where Huck and Hope are by seeing the light in the window. Huck tries to play it off and act like nothing is wrong, Huck offers to get their gear from the truck but Felix isn’t buying it. He grabs Huck’s gun and holds her at gunpoint asking who she is. Hope tells Iris and Felix that Huck is CRM and they can’t save her and she has to go with the CRM. Felix isn’t standing for that and Felix and Huck have a pretty epic fight inside the house, in the kitchen, to the outside, Huck gets the upper hand and has Felix dead to rights, and apologizes as she is about to kill him when Hope shoots of a gunshot and points the gun at her own head. She tells Huck if she kills Felix that she will kill herself.

This obviously gets everyone to back off, Hope and Iris have a secret chat that we will learn about soon, Huck and Felix are awkward obviously, as she tells Felix where a safehouse is, tells them they are all aces, and sometimes you have to do bad to do good, still believing the forced fed garbage. Huck and Hope move on and arrive at the meeting point, Huck’s mother wants to kill all the expendables, Huck says they are not a threat and mentions the campus colony, her mother tells her that some things happened they need to talk about in regards to the colony. Huck doesn’t know that everyone was killed off it seems.

Nico Tortorella as Felix, Aliyah Royale as Iris, Jelani Alladin as Will all watch Hope fly away with the CRM- The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Macall Polay/AMC

As Hope is loaded into the chopper we see and hear what her talk with Iris was about, she says that they have it all wrong, that the two of them together are the asset. They make each other better and have done so their entire lives. Iris instincts and bravery, knowledge and fight will come back to kick the Civic Republics butt. They have no idea what they are getting themselves into. Lastly, with Felix and Iris heading somewhere, I’m unsure if the play was the safehouse Huck was talking about or starting the trek to the Campus Colony, they run into Will and some unknowns. Will is happy and shocked to see them, thinking they all were dead, Felix and Iris don’t know why and Will says they have a lot to catch up on.