The episode starts off with a flashback to 2 years prior with Indira and Colonel Kublek going over the large globe that Indira and her people made as some nice flair for the facility. Indira asks if the non aggression pact will stay in effect after she is gone. She continues that it’s her kidneys, her mother died of kidney failure when she was young, and the signs are getting to obvious to ignore. Colonel offers to use the resources and scientists here to make sure she can live, and also it would be a relief for the Colonel to not have to work with someone new in the future.

Will returns back to the village without Indira’s son, everyone is obviously sad. Dr. Bennett is with the scientists talking about all that is happening with the CRM and what they need to do, he shows them all the documents that show they wiped out cities. The scientists know that the CRM has done genocide and will again, they also know that if they stay that makes them OK to it, but if they stay they might just be murdered. Huck, Dennis and Silas have a plan to help get everyone out, Huck and Dennis are heading to Indira’s people to let them know the plan.

Indira covers up for Will and everything that has been going on, by saying her son was out there for her, because she was dying. He went out there to get medicine for her as apart of a deal she made with the CRM. She says that agreement cost her her son, and that they have to assume the CRM knows the non aggression pact is null and void. She tells everyone it’s not safe and they need to get everyone to leave, and once everyone is to safety, she will step down as their leader.

Joe Holt as Leo, Susan Savoie as Dr. Siegel, Gilbert Cruz as Dr. Ebersol – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Chip Jackson/AMC

Huck warns Iris and Hope that they need to start the plan early because soldiers are going to their dad’s apartment to bring everyone in. She will try to help as much as she can to buy them time. The two get to the hallway but Hope tells Iris to keep going and she will meet her there. Dr. Bennett is not in his usual classroom so Jadis decides to start a mandatory evacuation drill to see how far the “rot” has spread. As expected the scientists head in a different direction from everyone else. Hope finds Mason and wants someone to sign him in with the evacuation guards and go with Hope. She won’t tell him what’s going on but only that it’s life and death. The report came in on who was evacuated, no scientists or security details so she knows this has spread further than just the Bennett’s. Hope says she is sorry but the plan doesn’t work without him, Percy and Felix go to start to tie him up while Percy welcomes him to the biocontainment unit.

Huck goes down to try to get an update on what is going on saying it’s to get Jadis an update. It’s obviously not, but Huck knows it will take about 2 hours for the soldiers to get inside the containment unit. Inside, Mason finally realizes why he was taken hostage, because his dead is the top guy General Biel. Jadis and Huck catch up, the scuzzy guy from the perimeter group asked to talk to Jadis’s mother about something, he sang like a song bird on who the intruder that they killed was Indira’s son, and how supplies were diverted to keep Indira alive. Jadis sent a team to the perimeter to deal with them immediately per regulations.

Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis, Annet Mahendru as Huck – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Chip Jackson/AMC

Once Indira and others figure out what happened with Brodie going to tattle on everything the CRM arrived to the village. They took all their weapons and lined them all up for execution, except for Will who was able to hide. Slimy Brodie wants permanent residence or he will start talking how Huck has been playing both sides, but she says she can’t. Huck has no choice so she murders Brodie in the office. Huck says he was a rat, and he knew about Omaha and if they didn’t give him permanent residence he was going to tell everyone. Jadis tells Indira that she once led a smaller community of artists but they couldn’t last and were over taken by a bigger community which is the responsibility of the bigger communities. Jadis orders them all to be executed.

They are about to start the executions when Will shoots a guard. Dennis and Silas arrive and start shooting soldiers as well. Dennis gets on the walkie telling soldiers to fall back to the mill so some break apart and go to the mill. A number of soldiers are killed along with townsfolk, Dennis moved forward and threw a grenade at the soldiers at the mill ending the immediate fight. Dennis and Silas tell the group that they didn’t know to come they just came to tell them about the plan that everyone is going to escape. Dennis tells Silas to get everyone and supplies to the rendezvous point, then he shows he has been shot and falls to his knees.

Dr. Bennett and company knew that they would have time with lockdown protocol. They used explosives to kill some soldiers and used it to escape into the old mine tunnels. Jadis also realized that besides escaping they took every piece of research from the facility. Jadis says the rules of engagement is to shoot to kill now, kill a few to traumatize the many to remind them of what is at stake.