Don’t miss out on these great five HBO GO shows that will stick with you as they define genres and good television.

Photo by Ricardo Ortiz from Pexels

Five Must-See Shows on HBO GO

We live in a time when television is truly undergoing its golden period. Shows are written originally, and the camera work and effects are one of a kind. There is a buffet of viewing options that will satisfy even the most demanding tastes, and that is precisely what we are here to explore. 

Teleshows can be the source of great leisurely options and give useful information for your experience, just like, as a matter of fact. Yet, to truly appreciate TV, you may want to check out the best shows that are currently streaming. We have chosen HBO GO as the platform that delivers some of the most entertaining works of cinema.

As Tony Sloterman, product owner at Casino Bonuses Finder, says, the best TV shows are timeless, and in today’s world, you can rest assured that shows that are popular today will probably find their fans 100 years from now. Let’s find five such shows on HBO GO that are a must-see right now but may still be around after decades. 

1. The Newsroom

The Newsroom was produced by Aaron Sorkin over 9 years ago. Yet, the show remains as compelling and relevant as ever. The plot pivots around an anchor, Will McAvoy, who has a problem with being liked as he gets sucked into the rating game of big television. 

Eventually, he reunites with his ex-fiancée and swears to start producing news and inform the electorate rather than serving as a conduit of partisanship. The Newsroom’s writing is quick, witty, and overall brilliant – that’s why you must see it on HBO GO.

2. The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory has been often criticized for getting its sci-fi references blatantly wrong, and yet, the show stands out courtesy of its original writing and great characters. It may appear a little light-hearted at first and not serious enough, but there is a type of dynamic in The Big Bang Theory that really makes it easy to love this show, and we believe you would.

3. The Wire

The Wire is probably the best show that has ever appeared on TV. It tells the story of the Baltimore Projects, where Afro-Americans are left to their own devices in the poverty, crime, and destitute living quarters that are designed to segregate people. The show follows the protagonists – a police precinct where people are neither good nor bad. They just try to get the job done and do it fairly by others. Politics is naturally involved, and the viewer quickly realizes that everyone’s chasing ratings, but nobody is really trying to make a true and lasting change.

4. Chernobyl

We have all heard about Chernobyl, but until you have seen the BBC drama aired on HBO GO, you may miss out on the seriousness of the historic tragedy. This is not a TV series about historical accuracy (although it gets it all right). It’s rather a work of fiction that wants to communicate the seriousness of a cataclysmic event. 

5. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones still divides people – is it too explicitly? Is it too unnecessarily violent? Perhaps it is both these things, but it is also a very good show that has brought on fantasy to the screen in epic proportions. It’s definitely one of the shows that you would love to see. The show did end on a somewhat anti-climactic season which was criticized by fans, but you can rest assured that all is well, and Game of Thrones is a cornerstone television for all fantasy lovers out there. You can see for yourself on HBO GO.