Waige shippers rejoice: “Go With the Flo(rence)” gave us hefty helping of development between Paige and Walter. There seemed to be quite a bit of romantic focus in this episode actually, which may signal good fortune for a certain single fella on the team.

The episode centered around yet another world saving mission—well, that’s what the team is told, but it turns out the crisis is limited to the Los Angeles area. Either way, stopping space lasers from hitting a nuclear power plant and causing a fallout event is something that definitely needs to be stopped. One British spy, two keychains, and a sewer rat later, Team Scorpion came out on top and saved the day once again.

The British spy, Gemma, gave Paige a weird feeling from the get-go, even before they met face-to-face. And this is where the development between her and Walter began; Walter continually brushed her concerns off, and Paige, understandably, became pretty irritated. However, it was incredibly satisfying when Walter revealed that he had taken Paige’s “vibe” into account during the mission and had sabotaged Gemma and her organization’s plans for the satellite that they had just hijacked from another org. It turns out that even if he was confused by the mixed signals he picked up from Paige’s behavior he still managed to process her emotional queues and figure out the right thing to do in his situation: trust her. I love the smell of character development on a Monday night, don’t you?

Walter wasn’t the only one to show signs of growth. In fact, he taught Paige something new as well. Paige’s concerns about Ralph’s interest in Patty almost hit a climax, but Walter talked her into letting Ralph handle the situation and “experiment” with romance on his own. So while Walter learned that he needs to sometimes just listen to his partner rather than immediately try to remedy the situation, Paige got the same lesson in regard to her relationship with her son. There’s the good ol’ Scorpion spirit we started with, and now it’s really being brought to life!

But, as exciting as it was to see all that Waige action, I think the introduction of Florence was the most exciting part of the episode. To Paige, and I’m sure to every audience member watching, it was clear that Florence had a similar personality to the resident geniuses at Scorpion. So, naturally they despised her at first. But by the end of the episode, they understood, and I think she did too. Since they’re all on fair terms now and Paige invited her to come over for coffee whenever she’d like, I think it’s safe to say there is a possibility of seeing her again in the very near future. And I’m PUMPED.

Why? Well, I’ve repeatedly expressed my hope that Sly will have a romantic interest this season, and right now Florence is my prime suspect for this. I mean, come on. She’s wicked smart, has her own chemistry lab set up next door, and has poor social skills (demonstrated by her immediate resolve to stink bomb the team out of the building instead of just asking them to quiet down). Plus, that assertive personality is a perfect foil to Sly’s timidity. Who knows, maybe Florence will even help him continue to develop his own confidence. I just need interaction between these two.

On a final note, I have to say that I am still worried about Cabe. Happy said it best when she described him as “’bank-on-a-Sunday’ closed”. He’s swallowing his emotions for some reason and refuses to let anyone help him, but I think that’s going to backfire on him in some way pretty soon. I’m rooting for a scene where Toby brings Ferret Bueller in as a support animal during Cabe’s next psych sesh.

Scorpion’s next episode features a whole lot of Ren Faire action, so fingers crossed for less star crossed lovers plot and more dorky shenanigans. Because, honestly, if we don’t get to see birthday-boy-Sly LARPing with period accurate gear, what’s the point?

“Faire is Foul” premieres Nov. 13, 2017 on CBS!