Well, what can I continue saying about this show that I have already said before? You know how you can tell when a show is at an end, well this is it. I feel like these last few episodes are filler episodes like in an anime show. And although we are now caught up to the present events of the show, we are still going back and forth between the past and present. It’s rather annoying. This season could have been wrapped in no less than 6 episodes. So, what I am assuming is that these last two episodes are going to jam-packed with shocking revelations. Let’s get into it.

Everyone is reeling from the death of Asher. Here’s what we know so far: Oliver attacked Asher with the fire poker and then he fled. He went to Bonnie’s and Frank took him home. We know that he was alive after Frank dropped him off because he had interactions with Gabriel. We know that he is the informant for the FBI and he agreed to that at the behest of his sister. So, in order to keep his family safe he chooses to rat everyone out. But my thing is, did he forget about Sinclair. Yeah the lawyer he killed in season 2. Oh so we just gonna forget that. And some new information we learned was that Gabriel was the one who found his body. What else we know is that Asher called his sister the same night and she was going to find him a way out of his mess. You know the gang finding out he is a snitch. She looked spooked and as if you could see the gears turning in her head.

How are everyone’s issues Annalise’s fault? This whole thing started with Sam and Annalise did not kill him. She only tried to protect the ones who actually did it. Now I am not saying that things have gone smoothly but she also had to deal with all the rest of the bs that came with protecting her students. They were all damaged in some way, shape, or form. They all had a lot of baggage to begin with and all kind of broken, And they still won’t or can’t take responsibility for their own actions, instead they blame Annalise. But they still could have went to the police and tell the truth but they chose not too. And yet and still it is Annalise’s fault. I don’t like that this is the tone of the last few episodes. If she helps them she is a bitch, if she tries to help herself she is a bitch, and if she chooses to help them she is still a bitch. So she can’t win.

The gang is called over to Annalise’s and it becomes the blame game. But we know that they are hiding things from Annalise especially the fact that they are turning on her and ensuring that she takes the rap for all the murders and every other misdeed they have done. One thing she does find out is that they all dimed her out. Sold her freedom for theirs. And once again Annalise is the only one of them without blood on her hands. She even took a bullet for them. The deaths started with Sam. But now Rebecca is dead (season 1), Sinclair is dead and the rich kids they were defending (season 2), Wes is dead (season 3, I think), Ron is dead (season 5), Nate’s dad is dead (season 4), Xavier is dead, and now Asher is dead. Killed by the FBI as we have found out. And it looks like it may have been his sister’s fault. Asher called her and she said she would help. Could it be that she called the FBI and they just dealt with it in their own way?

A bombshell was just dropped on Annalise and it has to do with the case against her. They dug up an old article about Annalise’s childhood home burning down due to arson. And because her home with Sam was also burned to the ground with Wes inside they think there is a connection. So they use that information to strengthen their case. And they think that it is the fault of Nate. They think that he gave the information to the FBI. But who knows. There could have a couple more tricks up their sleeves. With 4 episodes left, you’ll just have to see.