Maggie’s group is still trying to figure out what to do and what Daryl’s message was, Negan thinks that Daryl is saying they should go home but Maggie wants to keep moving forward. Negan then asks Maggie for a promise that if he helps on this suicide mission they will be even. Maggie is shocked he would take a promise from her, while this is happening some walkers are approaching and one is Elijah’s sister’s best friend named Teresa. Another smaller wave of walkers start approaching and Maggie asks if they can find more. Gabe is dispatched to go and scout to make sure Meridian is still standing.

Back at the Commonwealth Eugene and Stephanie are on walker cleanup in some empty buildings, same with Ezekiel and Princess. Ezekiel is struggling and Princess pushes for him to go see a doctor to get well because he won’t make it a few more days. Ezekiel wants to power through and not cause everyone to have to work off even more debt. Inside , Yumiko is asked to be legal council for Mrs. Milton and her cabinet. Yumiko is trying to get a meeting with Mrs. Milton and it’s interfering with Mr. Hornsby’s plan so he has Yumiko’s brother arrested in front of her. Yumiko goes to confront Hornbsy, he says he needs a few hours if she can do that for him and what he is looking for in return is an ally in high places that could return a favor.

Negan and Maggie go walker face hunting, originally Maggie thought they would have to look for four faces, but Negan says that he kept his mask for practical and sentimental reasons so they only need three. The first face they got for Maggie didn’t fit perfectly and she was frustrated and stumbled a bit, but she had the movements down. In a scene a little later the mask was adjusted to fit better and Maggie was able to round up walkers and Negan seems to be a little excited about it.

Inside Meridian, Daryl stumbles upon the food storage and tries to be buddy buddy with one of the reapers. Some scouts return from their rounds, they are not able to find anything and Shaw tells Pope that she told them where to go and it’s her fault. Pope dispatches Shaw and Daryl to go look, Daryl sees a house and motions to check it out, he sees that some mushrooms were messed with on a trunk so he wants to investigate more and they see some motion behind a bush. It’s a man who Shaw asks how he avoided the soldiers on rounds and he has no idea what she is talking about. He continues that his wife is hurt and he has a son, Shaw calls into Pope to see what he wants them to do and he replies to kill them.

Maggie and Negan sit and share some food together, they talk about the different levels and reasonings to kill people. Maggie is still delusional about some things, Maggie says that what he did was worse because he killed people with families and in front of those families, while everyone at the satellite station didn’t have families so it’s not as bad. Negan says those people had girlfriends and friends and he couldn’t ease the pain, and that they killed people with families too because that’s how Aaron got Gracie, he said don’t act like I don’t know about that. Negan said that if he had a chance to do something differently he would have, he would have killed everyone when he had the chance, Maggie was losing it but I also think it’s Negan’s way to tell Maggie they should kill all the Reapers.

Ezekiel did get a chance to go to the doctor and he returned sometime later and felt so much better from the antibiotics , medicine and etc. Hornsby asks them if they are ready for a new assignment and Ezekiel is all for it, Eugene and Stephanie head to the fence at the north end, Ezekiel and Princess go with Hornsby to another location. Heading to the new spot Eugene and Stephanie sees walkers approaching a young couple out at a picnic, they kill all the walkers and the young picnic going male is a real piece of work, while they are arguing another walker approaches the female from behind and Stephanie kills it and all sorts of blood flies onto her outfit. The boyfriend starts yelling at Stephanie and Eugene gets pissed and punches him in the face. Stephanie apologizes, the guy flips out, and then Mercer, Hornsby and soldiers approach, the man says that Eugene attacked him and blames Mercer. Because of this Yumiko’s meeting with Mrs. Milton is cancelled because, “someone attacked her son”. Eugene is in prison Hornsby says he needs something from him or he will have to stay in the prison, his friends will have to continue to clear walkers, and everyone back home will have to figure it out unless he tells them where his home is and how to get there.

Michael James Shaw as Mercer, Josh Hamilton as Lance Hornsby – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC

From here just a few small items to work through, Shaw and Daryl are led to the house and hidden area where the man’s son and wife are. Shaw shows some compassion and tells the man and son to run and never come back, the women is happy and says that they never would have left when she was still alive and it was not safe, she is ready. Shaw can’t kill her but Daryl does, he asks what they will tell Pope, and she says they will say Daryl killed them all because it will be good for him. Daryl sees that she won’t just blindly follow Pope’s orders.

Gabe scouted Meridian, saw it was still there, and he also saw a priest that had a little effect on him. Maggie and the group start to gather up the walker army from different areas and start heading to Meridian. Sadly, Elijah sees his walker sister apart of the horde and he knows that she is also gone.

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Rhee, Okea Eme-Akwari as Elijah – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC