The Walking Dead got dark this week, very dark. We also had some bouncing around flashbacks, which are typically not that enjoyable, but this week it was. Started off with a Michonne looking for Rick on the shore. She did find his gun somehow, Daryl was around and told her that he checked from there to the ocean and he wasn’t anywhere. She asked if he is going to come back and he says he will when he finds something.

The next flashback a number of strangers arrive, and Michonne recognizes one, a former friend Jocelyn along with a bunch of children. The kids are very capable hunters, killing a deer, everyone seems to really enjoy having them at Alexandria. The other kids had a sleep over but in the morning they were all gone, looking around Alexandria they discover that all of the food is gone and the guard has been shot. The bloody foot prints leads to the sewers, also known as Carl’s great escape route.

Present day, Daryl and the group arrive at Alexandria to get Henry patched up. Michonne trusts Daryl and lets them in. Michonne tries to urge Lydia to walk away and save everyone she knows, while Daryl and Judith have some bonding talking about helping others and Rick. Daryl and the gang leave, and shortly after that Judith wants to help her friends so she also dips without telling anyone. Michonne tries to backtrack and find Judith and goes to grill Negan, they battle words back and forth until Negan realizes that she doesn’t know where Judith is, after the conversation Michonne thinks she knows where Judith went. She goes to the box where Rick’s gun was and finds a note essentially saying sorry she has to go help their friends.


Don’t mess with a Michonne, don’t mess with a pregnant Michonne. Have you lost our actual mind? Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Flashback time, Michonne and Daryl track the kids to a school, Michonne confronts them first and is vastly outnumbered. Daryl arrives a few moments later and is shot in the shoulder by an arrow. Outnumbered Michonne surrenders, they are tied up and when both awake the kids brand them both with an x. Why do they brand them? I have no idea to be honest. Both are able to escape and chase, Jocelyn has some kids move the others, and tells them to kill Michonne. One of the kids clips Michonne’s stomach with a knife, and you awakened a beast, she gets her sword and they retreat, Michonne finds her way outside and catches a real bad beating from Jocelyn. Michonne is able to reach her sword and stab and then kill Jocelyn.

After that the kids are all ready to fight while one is told to go kill the Alexandria kids. Michonne offers to have everyone go back but the kids won’t back down. Michonne kills the kids, they show the current time of her killing walkers as she makes her way to Judith to not show the actual kid slaughter, but you know whats going on. The last one left is Winnie who was told to kill the Alexandria kids, Winnie doesn’t and runs off. Daryl finally arrives and Michonne calls out for them and Judith and the others are still alive.

Present time, Michonne saves Judith and talks with her, she didn’t realize that Judith remembers everything from that day and Judith says she stopped talking about it because it made Michonne sad. I LITERALLY CRIED, Judith says, “you’re my mom, you chose to be, you love me and I love you. Loving someone is doing whatever it takes to keep them safe. So when did they stop loving Daryl, Maggie, Carol and the King?” Michonne says they didn’t, and then Judith counters, “why does it feel that way?” This hit me so hard!

After the kids event, Alexandria decided that everything was all about them and didn’t want to help others. But Michonne tells Judith she is right and they have to protect all the people they love and they will. The duo goes to the Kingdom and picks up Daryl and company. While at the Kingdom two Whisperers uncover it and one says to the other that they must tell Alpha.