Michonne’s last episode, I honestly was expecting more, and it’s tough because we have no idea when we will learn where this story goes. It’s likely not to be anytime soon, as I’m sure you have heard by now that the worldwide pandemic has pushed back The Walking Dead World Beyond, and now the season finale of The Walking Dead. Which is now going to air as a one-off special event, time to be determined.

But we flashback, way back to right before we actually see Michonne, we are watching her seeing and hearing Andrea, but she decides to not help Andrea and lets her die instead, this absolutely gets your attention as it’s so out of the left field.


Have I told you lately how much I hate you? Photo Credit: Eliza Morse/AMC The Walking Dead

Virgil sucks, let’s just say it right now, he is dodgy, and odd, and is picking plants for his wife. It doesn’t take Michonne very long at all to realize that Virgil isn’t who he says he is, and that Virgil’s family is dead. Virgil admits that the reason he wanted her to come is to kill his walker family, and he is not good at it. Michonne, obviously is able to kill all of the walkers inside even with Virgil being a horrible wingman.

Michonne wants to keep going, but Virgil insists that they stay the night, she says she will stay one night but goes out to investigate. She peeks around and Virgil in creeper status comes up behind Michonne and locks her in the room. A day or so later some people from the next cell over gets Michonne’s attention, she is upset they never said anything to her before. It turns out the three people knew Virgil from before, Virgil gets Michonne to take some tea and she flips out.

It’s flashback alternate reality time, and it was pretty crazy, Michonne lets Andrea die, and then gets her supplies afterwards, she is then the orange backpack person and Daryl, Rick and Carl leave her on the side of the road. Which in turn has her coming across Negan. Negan ends up liking her lady sized nuts. She is in the observatory during the big attack, and kills Heath and Glenn in the sleeping quarters, escapes Rick’s onslaught and is able to run away. She moves up the ladder to be the #2 and is the one who does the head bashing at the lineup. In some other altercation Daryl ends up shooting her in the stomach with the crossbow and Rick finishes her off with his gun.

Quickly over some filler, Michonne attacks Virgil, he escapes first and torches the boat, why I have no idea, Michonne frees the others, they all track down Virgil, and Michonne makes the others not kill him. Virgil finally relents and takes Michonne back to her stuff, while grabbing her sword SHE FINDS RICK’S BOOTS! After being shocked she gets in Virgil’s face asking what he did to him? Virgil has no idea who that is but says they washed up on shore and takes her to another boat close to a shore.

Inside the boat she is looking for all sorts of clues, she finds a ledger with the last entry of ‘New Jersey Bridgers Shipyard’ that I believe. She finds a cell phone, if it was a Nokia it probably would have had battery life still, with inscriptions in the face of the phone that looks like a more current day Michonne and Judith. It also says Rick on the top, with some Chinese lettering that translates to, “believe a little bit longer”. This obviously super charges up Michonne like never before. Virgil says with the others help they could probably get the engine fixed and use able again, which they are able to do, Virgil decides to stay on the island to give his wife flowers every day.

On the boat, Michonne and Judith finally catch up, Judith doesn’t give all the details of what has been going on, but tells her that Alpha can no longer hurt them anymore. Michonne fills Judith in on the spotty details she has and that she isn’t sure if it means anything about The Brave Man. Judith tells her that she has to go find him, what if he is trying to get home but nobody will help him? He needs her more than Judith and RJ does. It’s pretty sad, but Michonne takes that push to search for Rick, she says she is going north.


Bad ass Michonne has returned! Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC The Walking Dead


Michonne is helping these two people, I am unsure what he did to hurt himself. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC The Walking Dead

At this new area, Michonne instantly reverts back to the beginning, bad ass Michonne, chopping off arms and and mouths of some walkers. She comes up on some people, and one is hurt, their names are Aden and Bailey. The male asks if she(Michonne) can help them because they will leave without them. Michonne asks ‘who’, and they motion to a large group down the hill. It is a VERY VERY large and organized group of people, in multiple formations all marching away from their locations. Michonne thinks about it, flashes back to when she met Rick, kills the walkers and helps them up and says let’s go as they go to the organized group of people. This is how Michonne leaves! Argh, I wanted more.