I have been extremely behind in getting out all the dead information, and for that loyal readers I apologize, right now I will go over some of the bits and pieces from the Walking Dead trailers that came out around San Diego Comic Con at home. This, like all big trailers of the Walking Dead had a lot of quick clips and jump cuts, I want to say more so than usual as they are packing it in for the final season.

Let’s run down all the sporadic information flying about as they tie up all the loose ends to end the show, while setting things up for the always mentioned “Rick movies” and who knows maybe lead more information to Fear the Walking Dead which at this point I have yet to hear of a stopping point, and/or movie spinoffs or more movies. Even though the flagship Walking Dead is ending, it doesn’t mean that everything else will be too.

Negan is experiencing a lot of bad memories, next we see a group of ours exploring some ruins or perhaps a cave? Negan sees something a level or two above them fall into the shadows. In another promo it appears that in this same location it has a lot, and I mean a lot, of bodies on the ground. The group has to figure out if they will try to go through them, or try to find a way around them, all while not being able to figure out if they are all just lazy walkers or if they are all dead.

Hilltop is overrun by walkers, Alexandria looks to be in very bad shape, and it later looks like Alexandria also falls. Someone is bit above their wrist, we can try to speculate who that is but at this moment I will refrain. Next out in the woods we see walkers about, Maggie is very distraught screaming “NOOOO” while Negan of all people has a hold of Maggie and pulling her in the opposite direction to what I can assume is safety.

Elsewhere, Kelly has Connie’s notepad, that says she was with the walker horde, Kelly is visibly distraught. A few moments later we see that Kelly is being hunted by someone. Daryl says he won’t leave anyone behind, Daryl comes upon Dog’s rightful owner, the lady he met in the cave, that turns out to be a Reaper. A full on war with the Reapers break out, Ezekiel looks like he is doing far worse, while Eugene is on the run. Someone is captured, who I believe to be Daryl, Negan tells Maggie that they need to trust each other, while later on in the video Daryl tells Maggie he will trust Negan if she does. Maggie is seen taking off a Whisperer face!

Lastly, Yumiko is seen wearing guards gear from the Commonwealth. Is she trying to escape, or did things fast forward enough that she ended up joining? Either way she sees a picture of her self on a board of missing persons! Was it a friend or a family member? Whatever the case it did stop her in her tracks, and we end with a super super super cheesy commercial from the Commonwealth!