Not all the players are aware of the basics to get started with the game. The game did not publish a manual which increased the difficulty of some players to know the game thoroughly. There are some secrets hidden which are not known to many users. So once you get to know about the latest tips and tricks, it can level up your skills and beat most of your opponents too. The list of tips and tricks is not very exhaustive. These are some points that the player needs to remember while playing the game to get the victory. In a short time, Apex Legends has become the latest game in the market. So let’s get started with the strategies to play the game right!

These are some of the latest working Apex Legends hacks that you can use while playing the battle. These hacks will help you understand the game much better and get the best gaming experience ever. 

1) The strategic way of playing the game: Become a part of the squad. You can try to become a part of the squad by teaming up with other players. It is one of the ways by which you can work strategically and be prepared for the battle. You also have the option to work as a lone wolf or play with a full team. It depends on your choice of preference. Playing with friends can add more fun to the entire game.

2) Becoming the legend: In the game, you will have the option to choose from a total of eight characters offered in the battle. Each of the characters has different abilities that make each of them unique. It is better to choose the legends of your choice to avoid any regrets later in the game. Some of the characters in the battle will unlock as you clear the lower levels and level up to higher ones. You also have the option to purchase them, and you can get control over them.

3) Forming the customized squad: You also have the option to form a squad comprising of players that match your skills and talk in the same language as yours. You can also avail yourself of the option to create voice communication for your team too. You can even get the chance to join other squads and play the battle. 

4) Knowing the area: The game offers many maps. Each of the maps has different spots and ways which allow the players to hide in the locations. So it is necessary to get familiarized with the maps of the locations to move forward. You can also get to know about the locations of other players too on social media. Hence you will be able to know exactly where they are moving towards.

5) Teamwork is the new mantra: A strong team spirit and good communication can make your team win the battle. If the team members have a clear idea of the strategies followed by each of them, it can help the team avoid the most performed mistakes and win the battle quickly. Helping team players during the game is an effective strategy to win if you are part of the squad. 

6) Move around: Moving forms a significant part of the game. Be it moving towards a player or moving to avoid opponents, the act of moving becomes a part of the game. You must be able to master it effectively if you want to be the final winner. It is better to take full advantage of the rocks, buildings, and other kinds of structures if you wish to have your character hidden from other players. 

7) Co-ordination: It is important to master the art of effective coordination with your team while you are moving around the areas in the game. When you try to move in the areas during the game, it is better to inform your team members beforehand about your exact location to need any possible help to protect you from enemies.

8) Clear the basics: One of the best ways to learn the basics of playing the game is to observe the actions of other players. The videos are available on YouTube and other platforms like Twitch. You can search for the game highlights on YouTube, and you will be opened to a big set of available strategies that you can use while playing the game. 

9) Trying out a new character: There are many characters in the game. You have the option to act as different legends and try out each of them that vary in their abilities. Each of the characters will help you to make use of the tactics and skills in the combat. It is better to try out all the characters to decide the legend that fits your style too.

10) Finding the right weapons: The game offers a large number of weapons for the players. Each of the weapons carries its positives and negatives. It is better to try the available weapons so that you can use them when it is needed and level up your gaming skills too. So get started with finding the weapon that matches your style!