Episode Synopsis:

Linda makes a power play, Piper digs for information about Alex, and the women get their first taste of a decades-old feud between cellblocks.


First of all, I just have to state that I thought the episode was a little all over the place. I think we’re getting a struggle between seeing all our favorite characters and having storylines that are strong and push the narrative forward. It’s becoming a big jumble of unneeded storylines, but I hope I’m proven wrong in the end and that all the characters somehow come together again.


Linda & MCC- Linda finally got released from jail and she is out for payback, which makes total sense. I’m a little nervous now that she’s back to her old ways, and especially since she’s now Senior VP of MCC. I only hope that since she’s spent a significant amount of time in prison, she’ll change the system a little and make prison life a little easier to live in.

Nicky & her dad- Well, the communication between Nicky and her dad, was not pleasant at all. She found out that the lawyer he brought with him, is also his fiancé and has children with him, and that didn’t make things easier for Nicky. I’m kind of surprised that Nicky contacted her dad in the first place, because they are on such terrible terms; but I guess when you’re desperate for representation, you do what you can. Also, I’m glad that she found out that Piscatella died, but I’m bummed that she might get 70 more years in prison, for giving away drugs during the riot. She’s definitely in hot water, and I don’t know how things are going to get solved with her dad and his fiancé trying to help her. I feel like she’s out of luck, unless she can find someone else to represent her.

Red & her girls- I feel like at this point, Red is suffering because she can’t reach out to her girls. It’s annoying that Madison is hovering over her 24/7, but at least she helped her spread the word about Piscatella. I’m glad everyone knows, except for Piper, who thinks it was Alex who died instead. I’m also extremely nervous for Red, because she’s between a rock and a hard place because yes, she’s trying to prove that she didn’t do anything wrong during the riot, but on the other hand, it’s going to be hard for her to look innocent, when she played an integral part in taking Piscatella down. And now that Piscatella is dead, he can’t get any kind of punishment for scalping Red and hurting the other girls, but the girls can get a longer prison sentence for harming a CO.

Frieda, the interrogation & Carol- We got to learn more about Frieda in this episode, and yet again, we saw that she’s all about survival. She’ll even go behind a friends back if she needs to. We found out that she has a history at Max and we saw that she betrayed her friend Carol. Funnily enough, Carol is still at Max and the two locked eyes towards the end of the episode. I can’t wait to see them reunite if they get the chance, and I want to see if Carol is still her usual crazy self. It’ll definitely be a showdown. Now, it was interesting to see Frieda during her interrogation, because she decided to play a part when talking to the feds. She changed her look, and made it seem like she was too fragile to do any harm to a CO during the riot. Sadly, her cover didn’t help her, because fingerprints always tells the truth. And what worries me, is that I’m pretty sure Frieda might have let some names drop, so that she could get an easier sentence. We saw that she got transferred to Suzanne’s block, so she must have leaked something.

Daya, Cindy, Flaca & Lorna- Now, this storyline I thought, was useless. We only found out that some blocks are getting more pampered than others, but I think this storyline was more for the fans to see different characters interact with each other. It is cool that everyone from Litchfield is banding together, but the whole caddie storyline was pretty weak. And all I gotta say, is that I’m feeling for Daya. The poor girl is getting abused left and right, and it’s terrible that nothing is being done about it. I don’t know how many more bruises she can take. But I am interested to see how her and Daddy’s relationship progresses throughout the season. It feels very will they/won’t they be friends.