As the end of the 2016-2017 season closes in, the renewal season is about to begin. Timeless is one of two shows on the Bubble Watch for renewal, alongside the Jamie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton helmed Blindspot, currently in its second season.


Timeless performs okay in its timeslot (3.37million and 0.9 for it’s finale), but the late hour keeps a lot of people who might like it from watching live. I’m in central time and find 9pm late to start a show, but then again I’m old and have little kids.  Could moving it an hour earlier give it better ratings? Or is the competition on other nights too tough for the Time Team to make headway? With Grimm ending this year, could Timeless move to the Friday night slot and get a chance to gain some traction (and more of an audience) on a less crowded night? The show has a small, but devoted audience, it’s possible they’d follow it to another night (or watch it on Hulu).

How about you? Do you want to see more of Time Team, or do you think NBC should start a new project?