Photo Source: The CW // iZombie

So, there WAS a case this week and Liv ate the brain of a dominatrix but I’m much more focused on my boy Major.


Okay I’m fine now. After getting stabbed repeatedly on his Fillmore Graves military mission, Major had his most violent asthma attack yet on the floor of the locker room. He knew then that it was finally time to take the cure. If he waited any longer, he’d end up dead…which is way worse than losing your memory. His stab wounds kept him from being able to take the cure right away (once he turned human they wouldn’t heal), so Liv drained his lung with a syringe so he could have a little more time to recover. That meant he had one more night…one more night with his memories! This, of course, made him and Liv very nostalgic. They talked about their first kiss and how he never wants to forget how he feels about her. But then, he said the most romantic thing ever. He said, “At least I’ll get to fall for you all over again” and I couldn’t see the rest because I was crying too hard. Actually, I do know what happened next because no amount of feels can distract me from great scenes with my ‘ship–they had sex. And it was super sweet because I’m pretty sure it’s been a LONG time since they’ve done that.

Then, morning came, and with it, the cure. We don’t know what happens next. *groaning face emoji*

We DO know that Sweet Lady Pain had a LOT of clients and Liv’s visions were especially vivid this week because of “Ravi’s blue juice”, we didn’t really see any of the visions because this is The CW, not HBO, but we could get the hint. Anyway, the peeping Tom did it. The most enjoyable part of all of that was dominatrix Liv and Ken Marino. Also the sketch artist gushing over dominatrix Liv was pretty funny, too. Hey, I don’t blame them. She was pretty damn hot.

We also know that zombie huntin’ white supremacist is NOT backing down…and he has a gang. So, Fillmore Graves tricked him to come in and make a testimonial (and give him a settlement for his brother). While he was doing that, FG bugged his car. So, now they can keep track of his whereabouts and possibly even take him and his zombie-hating friends out–if worse comes to worse. 

Back to my boy…
Fingers crossed Major will be okay after this cure and miraculously keep his memories. I STILL think that Blaine might be faking. But I can’t be too upset about these developments, because at least it led to a sweet Liv and Major scene. #zombielove