It saddens me to write this recap, but let us continue….

The episode begins with Francis and Mary enjoying Francis’ second chance on life.  They go sailing, have lots of sex, and enjoy each other’s company.  As Mary is reveling in Francis’ new lease on life, Nicholas tells her that Elizabeth has proposed a treaty of peace, as long as Mary signs away her birth right to England, that is.  Wanting to stay in France, Mary gladly signs away her birth right.

After saving Francis’ life, Bash and Delphine are bonding.   Feeling guilty of binding Bash to her, Delphine unbinds him, which means almost drowning him.  Once unbound, they play secret spy and try to find the killer that is ripping people’s hearts and keeping them.  After almost getting caught by the killer, Delphine faints and they discover that by unbinding them, it now leaves Delphine more connected with the killer. Oops.

In another part of the castle, Catherine is rejoicing on Francis’ good health until she meets with Nostradamus who tells Catherine more about his vision of Francis’ death.  He sees a tree full of white flowers, with falling pedals and a pool of blood… Taking caution to Nostradamus’ prediction, Catherine warns Francis who promises his mother that he will take precautions, only to steel Mary and run off to Paris.  On their way to Paris, they stop skinny dip, and have sex in a river stream.  After doing so, Mary goes back to the carriage to get some food while Francis stays by the river rests.  On her way back to Francis, Mary is captured by Scottish Protestants, but is saved by Francis, only to lose his own life in the process.  Dying next to the tree seen in Nostradamus’ vision, Francis makes Mary promise to love again.  The last seconds of Francis’ life was so unselfish and beautiful.  He literally died because of his love for Mary.

How sweet is that?

Convinced that the English was behind the attack, Mary angrily goes to Nicholas and tears up the peace treaty.  Her love of her life was taken away from her today, she’ll be damned if her birth right will be taken away too!
At Francis’ funeral, Nostradamus give Catherine one more prophecy.  Only with the Queen of Scotts help, will she be able to rule France. After many weeks, Mary gives Catherine back her crown.  Bonding over their love of Francis, the two have a very endearing mother-daughter moment that shows how much they truly care for each other.  I think this prophecy will come soon quicker than we thought.

I was not much a fan Francis, or Toby Rigbo for that matter, but it still saddens me that he is gone.  I know a lot of people (including myself) knew he was going to die this season, but I never thought it would be this soon, let alone this episode.  I commend the writers for writing such a beautiful story, and to the actors, especially Toby Rigbo, Adelaide Kane, Torrance Coombs, and Megan Follows for bringing so much depth to their characters during this powerful episode.  I know a lot of people will not watch Reign anymore without Francis, but also remember that this is Mary’s story and she has many more adventures to come.

I leave you with this sweet note from Toby Rigbo to his fans.  You will be true missed Toby.  Long Live The King!

Source: Toby Rigbo Twitter