Heading into DC Titans episode 5 “Together,” there’s an unmistakable level of excitement in the air, waiting to witness the team fighting together for the first time. With backstories told and spin-offs successfully launched, the hour for Titans to kick evil’s pasty behind has arrived. Writers Edward Hill and Gabriel Stanton, along with director Meera Menon, are tasked with the most important episode in season 1 of Titans — and they absolutely nailed it. Not just in a “nice job” way but in a “Holy F- Batman” kind of fashion.

Titans episodes 1-3 non-spoiler review. 

Spoilers Ahead! Enter at your own risk!

Grayson, Rachel, Gar, and Kory are finally united after Beast Boy decides to leave the Doom Patrol. Ditching the Porsche (tears shed), the newly formed Titans rock it mini-van style. Holing up in a crappy motel, Grayson recommends they all “figure out where they stand and determine what’s mission critical.”

In other words, it’s time for each of our beloved heroes to show one another what they got. Starfire goes first, admitting for the first time her firepower comes from the sun while also stating she’s weaker at night. She lets off a powerful blast, although, her aim from a distance is a tad off.

Next its Beast Boy’s turn. After wowing the crowd with his tiger form and showing off his full-frontal package, Starfire takes a jab at him, stating “it’d be a lot better if he wasn’t green and vegan (a reference towards Gar never biting anyone before).”

Rachel goes next and almost loses control. While the others remain speechless, Grayson attempts to reassure Raven she can control her powers. Finally, it’s Dick’s turn and he bails on them, stating “I’m the one who can keep you alive.”

Titans Heats Up

Leading up to the DC Titans live-action series, many were wondering how true the show would remain to its comic book origins. Episode 5 “Together” answers those concerns as Dick Grayson becomes one with his comic book counterpart, thanks to the brilliant direction from Meera Menon and writing of Hill and Stanton.

Grayson wants to keep his persona as Robin a secret while he also has trouble keeping his pants on. Kory buys a bottle of tequila and proposes Dick drinks until he’s comfortable revealing his dark and buried secrets. Instead of sharing feelings, however, they end up sharing passions in the bed (cue music).

Meanwhile, in a totally innocent and adorable way, Gar and Rachel are getting their own ship on. After Starfire gives up on trying to seduce information out of Dick, she leaves his room for the night. Not 10 seconds later, the woman who manages the motel shows up, wanting some Dick Grayson passion too. He turns her down gently and finally, our generic Nuclear Family villains show up to get their fight on.

Caught off guard, the team struggles to get an edge on the Nuclear Family but isn’t exactly losing either. Gar, Kory, and Rachel get cornered outside the motel, but Grayson finally enters as Robin and starts laying a Batman size beatdown on the evil and creepy family.

Now that the team knows Grayson’s identity, Dick works his Wayne Enterprise magic on the villain’s phone and leaves the Titans in charge of the creepy family, while he chases the next level boss down. Taking the Nuclear Family’s station wagon, Grayson drives to Chicago and confronts “egg man.”

Little does Dick know, mini-boss man is expendable, and he isn’t giving up any trade secrets. Plus, he casually takes care of the Nuclear Family by blowing their heads off remotely. Something Kory isn’t happy about, stating “Oh Sh*%, Dick’s going to think I did it.”

Dozens of heavily armed troops enter the condo and Grayson quickly gets overwhelmed. That is until — Jason Todd (Curran Walters) enters in the final moments of “Together.” Saving Grayson’s behind Todd gloats over him saying “Wow, Dick Grayson in the flesh. Nice to meet ya’ bro, I’m the new Robin.”

Titans “Together” Overall Impressions

Episode 5 “Together” is the pinnacle episode of Titans season 1. From beginning to end, its execution is flawless. Hill and Stanton’s dialog between characters is completely natural as if they’ve been together for years.

Meanwhile, Meera Menon’s direction throughout the episode uniquely focuses on one character at a time, without the usual distractions of sloppy background tones. Menon also somehow managed to jam a ton of character development, action, humor, team building, and new characters into one episode without sacrificing the pacing one bit.

Maybe it’s the setup of episodes 1-4, or perhaps “Together” is simply the perfect Titans episode. Either way, one can only hope the rest of the season takes a cue from the magic which occurs in episode 5 of Titans season 1.

DC Titans Episode 5 “Together” Score: 5 out of 5 Stars.

Visual: 5

Dialog: 5

Story: 5

Action: 5

What are your impressions of Titans “Together?” What’s your favorite moment of episode 5? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned in to The Game of Nerds for all your Fall television reviews.