Finding entertainment for your tweens and teens can be hard. Will it be appropriate? What themes will be present? Is it actually going to be good enough to hold my child’s attention? There are several newer shows that have premiered within the last couple of years that are quite popular with 11 to 18-year-olds. So grab your tweens and teens and a remote and settle in for some fun TV! 



Griffin and Harper experience something spooky. Screenshot by Melissa Rothman for via Disney’s youtube, 2021

Twelve-year-old, Griffin moves to Sulphur Springs, Louisiana when his dad gets a new job. The town is supposedly haunted by Savannah Dillion, who went missing 30 years ago. Secrets follows Griffin and his new best friend, Harper as they travel back in time to try to unravel the mystery of Savannah’s disappearance and save her. 

TV-PG – Parental guidance may be needed. Some scenes may be frightening or intense. 

Available on Disney+, iTunes, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. 


Hello Stoneybrook High School. Screenshot by Melissa Rothman for via Netflix S1E1, 2020

The series, based on the series of tween books, follows a group of teens as they open a babysitting business in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. 

TV-PG – Discussions of drug use, menstruation, and mentions of nudity though it is not shown. Kissing, mostly between adults.

Available on Netflix.


Noah and Dude attend school for the first time together. Screenshot by Melissa Rothman for via Netflix S1E1, 2020

11 year old, Noah, suffers from a social anxiety disorder. The series follows his life and journey getting an emotional support dog named Dude. There are only eight total episodes and the series was not renewed. 

TV-G – Mild crude humor and discussion of emotional distress. 


LOCKE & KEY – 2020

Hello Keyhouse. Screenshot by Melissa Rothman for via Netflix S1E1, 2020

Connor, Emilia, and Jackson move with their mother to their family home Keyhouse after their father dies. There they discover a mysterious set of keys that could be the answer to their father’s death. 

TV-14 – Rating according to IMDB. Scenes of violence, mild profanity, and mild drug use.

TV-MA – Netflix rating for each episode. The show may not be suitable for anyone younger than 17.

Available on Netflix.


Victor and Simon make it official at school. Screenshot by Melissa Rothman for via Hulu’s Youtube Channel, 2021

Victor arrives at Creekwood High as a new student and begins his journey of self-discovery. The series follows his struggle to adjust to a new city, problems at home, and his sexual orientation.

TV-14 – Mild swearing and drug use. Season two gets more mature.

BEL-AIR – 2022 

Culture shock is about to set in real fast. Screenshot by Melissa Rothman for via Will Smith’s Youtube Channel, 2022

Premiering February 13th, 2022. This darker reimagining of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” follows Will Smith’s journey from Philadelphia to Bel-Air. The series stems from a mock trailer that starred Will Smith that was uploaded to youtube in March 2019. 

TV-MA – Intended for older teens. 

This is not a complete list. I chose a few of each to get you started. If you are watching anything with your tween or teen, let us know! Happy watching!