Catch up with The Handmaids Tale last episode here.

Let’s get into it. This episode deals with consequences, most of June’s actions. Honestly, I am ready to see some fighting back. I wonder if we will get some this season or will they leave it until the last season. What I do know is that everyone is pissed off at June and the other handmaids for smuggling the children out of Gilead. No good deed goes unpunished. They are unsure about those who are helping them or are really helping. Everyone is suspicious or a potential enemy ready to sell June out as soon as possible. June has to stay vigilant.

I do have some questions though. Like what is the deal with the wife. She’s a little bit looney. Among the handmaids themselves, there is a little discord in how the plan should go. Or what to do next. They definitely aren’t free and the man could be coming any time. There are still those consequences of June’s actions. Back in Canada, they are holding a fundraiser, praising June and saying how she is a strong woman. Moira and Luke are trying to obtain support to keep the movement going. Rita spoke on behalf of June and the kids who were stolen from their parents. The unspoken consensus is that June should have brought her butt home. Hannah is still there.

The handmaids are trying to decide whether to go off on their own or stay and continue receiving Mayday’s help. Let’s not forget that June is famous in Gilead now. At this point, I am not quite sure why they are putting their trust in anyone they don’t directly know or have involvement with. What other choice do they have? So, June is going to speak to one of the head honchos of Mayday to get help. June gets the location of the next safe house but it’s imperative that they leave sooner rather than later. The connection cannot get them out until the next day. So, the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan.

Oh look, it’s Serena Joy. She is being booked, fingerprinted, and questions. And Fred and Serena are just diming out each other. She was trying to get Nichole back and in doing so, got arrested herself in Canada. Now she sees how handmaid’s feel. Her lawyer is trying to give her a way out. Serena is visibly fighting the teachings of Gilead. Serena then asked to see Fred. taking the victim’s route out doesn’t sit too well with her. Unfortunately, I don’t think he will do a thing for her because she is the reason why they got arrested in the first place.

June is plotting death and revenge. The other handmaids aren’t too keen on this at all. Stating they can leave whenever they want because the situation is becoming unpredictable. The wife told June to take her with them, but June is not too happy with the request. Meanwhile, June is trying to “help” the women at the “brothel” and it is probably going to turn into a hot mess. While everyone else picks up the pieces and deals with the consequences. June has no responsibility for the consequences of her actions and she doesn’t care what happens. So, what does she do? She slipped the commander a mickey and dipped out, smiling all the while. That victory is short-lived when they arrive back at the house, something seems amiss. June is reunited with Nick. A bloody reunion at that. The handmaids are no longer on the run.

So, yall, SERENA JOY is knocked up. The one thing that basically formed Gilead was the fact that she could no longer have kids. We also don’t know if she could have babies in the first place. Anyways, she was shot in her womb on her book tour. But now she is pregnant and locked up. She is shocked herself and I would assume that news changes everything. She no longer needs to get Nichole back, but now she has to deal with her charges. Will she now play the victim to obtain her freedom and live happily ever after with her baby?