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Before we get into the episode, I really think I am disappointed with this show. First off, it has nothing to do with the other two shows. It was the part I was most excited about. Second, there are too many moving parts. The show lacks focus because it is setting up everyone at the same time rather than trickling people in. It is so jumbled. The acting is pretty good, there is just too much going on. Now that I said my piece, let’s get into the show.

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We open to Nicky and Henry sparring. It completely looks like they are going to kiss when they were done. Evan purposely spoiled it though. Henry and Evan have a little tense moment with each other. They were sizing each other up. Nicky ends up leaving with Evan. He has an update on Zilan. The FBI is working with Singapore police because they know where Zilan is. Zilan isn’t there but she still has Chau. She terrifies him.

Nicky is feeling alienated by her family. She is trying to pitch in. Her dad is happy with it but her mother won’t allow it. Her brother Ryan is completely unaware. When Nicky finds out that Zilan slipped away again she sees her Shifu. I love that Pei Ling is still visiting Nicky. When Nicky strikes out trying to take Ryan to lunch, she helps Fay carry a bag and learns a bit about her brother. Nicky also learns about Fay’s union cause. Chau’s TA is willing to talk to Nicky and Henry but isn’t there at the appointed time. When they find out she got pulled away, they entered her office anyway. As Zilan tortures Chau he gives in and offers an artifact Zilan is looking for. Chau knows who Zilan is which doesn’t make her happy. They hit the jackpot and took the prize to borrow it. When Fay is wheeled away, Nicky jumps into action and needs to get into a party. Althea to the rescue. Zilan shows Chau the sword and I think he is going to help her. Althea wants Nicky to have fun with her but Eddie, the creator of the King Kwang brand shows up. She gets Eddie’s attention and he hooks her up with Brett. Brett says he is an ally of Fay. Learning from Ryan that Fay is being poisoned has the gears in Nicky’s head, turning.

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Althea panics at the party because someone wants her to talk about what happened. What happened? At this point, it is Althea’s secret because I don’t know. It has to do with her former boss. She tells the woman on no uncertain terms to leave her alone. Chau is in fact helping her. As Nicky sneaks through the factory looking for proof she is caught and trapped by Brett who orders a clean-up. The cleaner comes with a gun. Nicky calls on her Kung Fu training.

How does Nicky get away? What information did Chau give Zilan? Is Nicky making headway with her family? Let me know your thoughts below. Until next time…