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Episode Description:

FAMILY TIES — The battle between Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Emiko (Sea Shimooka) comes to a boiling point which brings back some familiar faces and leaves others in dire jeopardy. – the CW/Arrow

The episode opens directly were we left them last week. The police have Team Arrow surrounded on the roof of the SCPD. They are forced to flee and are now fugitives, Star City’s most wanted.

They escape to the Arrow Cave and begin planning to stop Emiko. Laurel and Curtis make unexpected appearances to assist in stopping Emiko.

In the future, Felicity and team are surrounded by Archers. Like present day Team Arrow, they fight and flee. Connor Hawke comes in to help. Meanwhile Rene and William are still being held at Galaxy One by Archers until Zoey comes to rescue them.

Emiko called in a bomb threat, the evacuation will lead to more people being exposed to the weapon. The team tries to evacuate the people more but the cops prove to be a problem, so they are forced to handle them. The people then want nothing to do with them until outta nowhere Bronze Tiger knocks the rowdiest one out. Super unexpected but he is their to help and I’m totally on board with it. They were too late though and the weaponized drones are released and start spraying civilians. They are able to destroy the drones but its too late the biological weapon is free.

Bronze Tiger is out on parole and hanging with the team in the Arrow Cave. Oliver still wants to try and reason with Emiko, Laurel and Bronze Tiger side with him as they were all criminals who have rehabilitated. Meanwhile Curtis is working on a way to stop the weapon from spreading and Dig is having John Jr., Connor and Zoey shipped to a safe house out of the city. I feel like Bronze Tiger is going to die saving Dig and that’s why he raises Connor.

In the future, William and Rene are briefing the rest of the team. Mia’s DNA is not in Archer so, their going to use her to plant a virus and takedown the system. It looks the new generation has to go out for this little mission, William, Zoey, Connor and Mia. Felicity isn’t happy about but it’s to pass the bow down.

Back in the present, Dig, Ollie and Bronze Tiger are neutralizing the weapon and hitting more targets as they pop up. They’ve located her at Palmer Tech aka Queen Consolidating.

The Ninth Circle is worried about Emiko, their just in it for money not making chaos. Her vendetta is drawing too much exposure. There is no stopping her.

Roy, Ollie, Tiger and Dig are on site the rest of the team is on their way. Ollie is going after Emiko himself.  As expected Jon, Roy and the Tiger beatdown a bunch of Ninth Circle guys, it’s pretty cool. Rene, Laurel and Dinah brought the police with the, and are no one the scene. The police are on their team now. Curtis has also jammed the signal for the drones and Oliver is finally face to face with Emiko.

Photo Source: the CW/Arrow

In the future the greenies are on their mission but it only kinda worked. Archer has been rebooted. Plan B, time to take out the servers in the walls and tower, only problem is it’s a suicide mission and Mia is adamant on taking it. Mia kicks some ass and gets to the server room. William hacks it and gives Mia 60 seconds to escape.


Photo Source: Arrow/the CW

In the present Oliver and Emiko are fighting. She’s trying to kill him, he isn’t fighting to kill. The Ninth Circle breaks up their fight, they’re done with Emiko. Looks Ollie and Emiko are teaming up. They kick some ass, Emiko takes a fatal hit and dies a hero in Oliver’s arms.  The building blows and Ollie escapes along with the rest of team. Everyone touches base at the base and every one is all happy and celebrating. Bronze Tiger didn’t die and wants to go hang with Connor. Curtis is leaving to propose to Nck. Laurel is going back to Earth-2. Roy’s got some stuff to figure out. And Oliver and Felicity are leaving the city, that’s right they are retiring. Thus the mark of four is born which a little thing they mention in the future.

Back in the future their celebrating their W too. The torch is officially passed to Mia, William, Connor and Zoey.

Felicity and Oliver say their goodbyes to the Arrow Cave. John and Lyla set Felicity and Oliver up in a safe house, the same house we see Mia growing up in. John says goodbye and we watch Mia get born right in the house. There’s a time lapse of them being a happy family. Every looks good and happy until the Anti-Monitor shows up, time for Oliver to pay up. The multiverse needs him to prevent a crisis. It is foreseen that Oliver dies during the crisis but in doing so he’ll save more.


Photo Source: Arrow/the CW

The episode closes with Felicity saying goodbye to Mia and William in the future and in the present Oliver says goodbye to Mia and Felicity,  In the future the Anti-Monitor takes Felicity to Oliver, heaven? Who knows?

This was weird, kinda felt like a series finale. I have no idea what season 8 is gonna be like, just Ollie in the multiverse kicking butt. I felt like the future and present storylines were kinda rushed to come to their conclusion but it was a bittersweet ending.  I’m excited for what the next season holds.

Alright folks, see you in October, probably.