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Pictured (L-R): Adam Tsekhman as Agent Gary Green, Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/Atom and Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary. Photo courtesy of DC Legends TV.

Please Keep In Mind That This Article Contains Spoilers For “I, Ava” and Events That Occurred Prior.

Well…Ava’s a clone! The show suddenly revealed that Ava had a dark secret that the team could never know, and well, that secret turned out not to be such a big deal—thanks over dramatic Rip. I was expecting something bigger. Something more important for the plot, or personal to the team. My reaction to it all was simply: “Oh…okay I guess.”

While I don’t think the twist did much for the immediate plot, it wasn’t completely fruitless. It did add an interesting faucet to Ava, giving some legitimate weight to her character. The twist differentiates her, and really makes her more interesting than the generic agent she was prior. While it wasn’t hard to guess she had no idea about her creation, in the end that was the better choice. I am intrigued to see how she handles all of it, and how it shapes who she is as she navigates her role in the Time Bureau.

The stand out part of the episode—and seemingly the most important part—was Nate and Wally’s journey to get Amaya’s totem back. While on a mission to talk present day Mari out of getting herself killed (who we conveniently never saw), the two of them ran into a morally conflicted Kausa. Driven by anger at seeing someone else with her family’s totem, Kausa was looped into helping them try to get the spirit totem back from Mallus. This whole storyline was the payoff for this season’s focus on Kausa, and the potential for her redemption. When it came to her motivations, I actually really enjoyed the fact that she wanted to see Amaya get her totem, but not end up with Nate. Nate posses a legitimate threat to her entire family, so it’s understandable that Kausa would be hesitant to see them together. While her complete rebound about Nate might have been a bit sudden, her death was still tragic and brutal—even if she did leave us with a cringe-y line about family.

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Tracy Ifeachor as Kuasa (left) and Nick Zano as Nate Heywood/Steel (right). Photo courtesy of DC Legends TV.

Now I think the best surprise of the episode was Damien, who was a blast. Mallus’ control over Nora has made him go stir crazy, and essentially caused him to devolve into a completely different persona. The pretend torture session with Nate was hilarious, and his antics due to Nora was fantastic to watch. I wonder if we really will get a temporary team up with Damien so that he can save his daughter from Mallus getting his due.

Then there was Zari and Mick. I liked the idea of Zari being forced to train Mick in using his new totem. It’s a shame then that nothing actually happened with their plot. It was really them just wasting screen time as Mick cracked some jokes. It wasn’t until they suddenly had the ability to feel another totem bearer die that anything of value happened. At the end of the episode, Mick showed no more control over his totem than when he first acquired it.

While “I, Ava” delivered a serviceable hour, most of it seemed to be the show running in place. The strongest elements came from the quest to get Amaya’s totem, Damien’s antics, and Kausa’s struggle. Now while Ava’s twist doesn’t seem as big as the show was trying to make it out to be, there could easily be another aspect that we simply don’t know about yet.

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Bonus Notes:

– Talk about a TERRIBLY placed commercial break. You don’t even let Kausa’s death scene finish? Then we cut back to the last six seconds as the show cuts to something else. What was going through their mind?
– Gary is becoming increasingly less funny the more they use him.
– The second fastest man alive joke was a great moment.
– What happened to Nate having the Earth Totem?

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