Welcome to another week of awesome furry artwork!

A lot of painting-style pieces are up on the list this week. I always like seeing these, and regardless of if the piece is digital or not, it requires a lot of skill. Even digital brushes can be hard to work with!

Let’s get going with this week’s list, starting with:

7. Alchemy With Friends

Alchemy can be quite the interesting subject, and it’s made all the better when you have lots of friends to do it with! There are so many cool little details in this piece, such as the little furry mice, and all of the assorted alchemical knick-knacks on the top shelf. I like the plant motiff too – the bottle has a magic plant coming out of it, there are lots of branches here and there, and the little horned green companion looks like some sort of neat plant creature.

6. Bang Bang

Up next at #4 is a piece that surely pops with color and attitude! Rumka hits us with this sassy purple bunny striking a pose and firing a finger gun. This piece is honestly a lot of fun to look at, namely due to the pose and all of the different signs and colors that pop all over the picture. It’s a stylized piece that bangs with color.

5. It’s Nothing Personal

Up next is a very well done commission bust by Eruca. The last piece popped with bright colors, but this one draws out more emotion, with more softer colors and a nice use of black and white. There’s also reflective puddles and wet asphalt in the background, which helps complement the character’s expression. And her cool design is an anthro icing on the cake.

4. Apples Away

Taran Fiddler appetizes us with this cute piece that takes the #4 spot. You know what they say – an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Or several, in this case. It’s a very well-done piee, and the joyous expressions of the mouse and bull, coupled with apples getting stuck on horns, adds a bit of lighthearted fun to this piece. Just…mind anything sharp sticking up that an apple could get stuck on.

Don’t get too stuck, though. We’ve got some honorable mentions to take a look at:

A nice set of honorable mentions, right? Now, onto the top three, starting with:

3. The Frog Village

Amphibious creatures don’t seem to get a lot of love when it comes to furry art, and it’s nice to see it pour when it decided to rain, so to speak. Nessiefynn hit us with this awesome frog village piece that’s full ofall kinds of green – makes me sort of envious. Look at how much fun everyone is having! The choice to use pinks and red is an interesting one too, given how the two are opposite colors. But it’s such a light and soft shade, and it’s done in a way that complements the cute green frogs.

2. Exalt

We’ve gone straight from cute to pure badass with the #2 pick! Jadan delivered a knockout commission of this avian character used by thei client for Dungeons & Dragons sessions. And what a comission it is – this looks like it could legit be art for Dungeons & Dragons, or something else like Magic the Gathering. There’s a very prominent sense of power and divinity that shines through, from the design ofthe character, to the display of his powers, and of course, the pyramid straight out of MTG’s Amonkhet block.

This is quite the introduction to a character!

And now, onto the #1 pick of this week:

1. Neon Rush

Anton HNZ’s bar scene takes the #1 spot for this week! While Jadan’s take on an avian sona was full of awesome and divinity, this piece, while calmer, manages to just barely take the top spot thanks to the skillful use of various techniques. The framing is well-done, with characters placed both in the foreground and background to make it look like you’re really there watching the character. In addition, the different colors of lighting really help set the mood for this piece, adding to the concept of a dark, spooky, and perhaps even moody and secretive, bar. I also think this might be the first time we’ve had a repeat character – scroll back up to the #5 pick.

Congraulations and well done Anton HNZ! Your piece is the #1 pick fo this week!

And that brings another list of awesome furry art to a close. Man, the choice between Anton and Jadan’s pieces was really tough! They were both so cool that I nearly ended up flipping a coin over it. But again, that doesn’t mean that Jadan’s piece isn’t “as good” as Anton’s, it just means I personally like Anton’s a little more.

But what do you think? Should Jadan’s piece have been #1? Or was there another piece on this list, or even off it, that should’ve hit the #1 spot? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you all next week!