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We open to Nicky’s welcome home breakfast. She is a little overwhelmed with her family when she is brought back to the monastery burning. She was dreaming.

Nicky surprises Evan on his run, hoping he has made some headway on information about Zhilan. Evan tells Nicky to spend some time with her family. When she gets back, they all run out the door. Not only is Nicky having nightmares, but she is also having visions during waking hours.

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Nicky goes to see Henry after having her vision. She saw that Zhilan was wearing a crane pendant and is hoping Henry knows what it is. I think he likes her. After agreeing to meet later, Henry asks Nicky if she has trained since coming back. When she says no, he offers the space for an hour. Nicky’s mom and dad are talking at the restaurant. Her mom is hurt because she feels Nicky abandoned them for three years. In the park, Nicky attempts to find her center, I think, but ends up taken over again by visions. She does, however, stop a man with a gun from hurting a woman.

Back at home, Nicky relives a memory at the monastery. She desperately misses Shifu. Again, Nicky surprises Evan by finding him. Nicky wants to help out the girl from earlier. He said he would talk to a cop friend which makes Nicky visibly uncomfortable. As Nicky and Henry are researching, she tells him about the girl. Henry can tell what the girl in trouble left behind that the girl is at a homeless shelter. When Nicky finds her, the girl pulls the gun.

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Rhonda is the girl’s name. She panicked because she and her mother are abuse victims by her mother’s boyfriend, who ultimately threw her out. Nicky talks sense into her and brings her to the house, and even makes it to her sister’s cake tasting. Nicky isn’t thrilled that Althea told their brother Ryan about the events of the monastery, which Nicky told her in confidence. She does figure out how to help Rhonda, though. Unfortunately, she misses a game with her dad, which puts her at odds with her mom. Her mom is still pissed off because she left three years. Rhonda calls in a panic because of Derek, the “boyfriend.” Nicky runs out to help Rhonda.

Is Nicky Ultimately able to help Rhonda and her mother? Will she help others at the expense of her family relationships? I like a lot of parts of the show. I love the back story and the back story of Pei Li. Of course, I like the fighting though I kind of wish there was more of it. I love the different characters too. The show is a little muddled though. It’s almost like there are too many ingredients. The prior two Kung Fus were a lot more streamlined and focused. What are your thoughts on the show so far? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…