In between horse fucking jokes (most, I’m looking at you TJ Miller) of the cast and crew of Silicon Valley dished about the Season 4 and more importantly The Jacket.

Mike Judge, executive producer Alec Berg, and stars Thomas Middleditch, Zach Woods, Amanda Crew, and Kumail Nanjian hinted that Season 4 has…not been written completely. This season is still incomplete and it’s start date may or may not be contingent on the late start of Game of Thrones, but according to Polygon, Mike Judge said, “I don’t know when we’re coming back. But we are coming back for a fourth season.“

Apparently, the panel was mostly a laugh-a-rama, and was light on any sort of inside scoop. While the jokes flew, they also talked about how the third season was almost entirely about the crew hiding the Skunkworks from Jack, and those jackets. They were inspired by a bit the guys did in real life, Middleitch said, “We thought it would be pretty cool to officially declare ourselves a gang, our gang name was called the Rude Boys. Of course, any Rude Gang would need a jacket.” But in true Jared endearment, Zach Woods said that he likes the jacket: “I guess it’s a blind spot of mine that I think it’s cool.”


Source: Silicon Valley // HBO

Article Submitted by Kevin Cucolo