Calling all battle royale fans. Apex Legends is a free-to-play video game packed full of adventure, action and teamwork. This character-driven, squad-based game emphasises the importance of teamwork which can be a huge deciding factor in victory or defeat. 

Since its release in 2019, thousands of people have joined the Apex Legends world and two year later, we want to know how we can further improve our skills in this first-person shooter game.

Here are some helpful pieces of advice that could help your game play. 

Improving your aim

In a first-person shooter game, it is pretty essential to have good aim. Spending some time in training mode can be hugely beneficial for your future game play. You’ll want to spend some of your time familiarising yourself with the weapons and also practice your aim. Check out this free 3D aim trainer, it could become very useful to you in the future and help you up your Apex Legends game. 

Snapping and strafing are two great drills that you can do in training mode. Snapping is when you enter your aiming stance, shoot at a target, exit quickly and move onto the next. Swiftly switching between targets is vital for staying alive. Strafing is when you position yourself in front of an obstacle and move yourself side to side whilst trying to hit a target in the distance. Practicing through these methods is a sure-fire way to improve.

Consider your movement and positioning

The Apex Legends landscape is vertical and spacious so you must be aware of your surroundings and all engagement points. You should always ask yourself if you’re in a good position to fight before considering your aim. Although good aim is essential, being in the right place at the right time can be hugely effective. As many of you may know, the game rewards people who use every part of terrain to get around so plan your moves methodically and take your time. Always be taking notes of where your target is and move accordingly. 

Use hot zones for experience

Hot zones are marked by mid-size blue circles on the map. In these zones you will find an increase in both the quality and quantity of loot. There is also the chance of weapons appearing. If you drop into these areas and find a weapon in time, then you will be able to get in some valuable shooting practice before the match begins. This will allow you to cut out any frustrating waiting time. 

This approach can often mean you encounter players before finding a weapon but solid communication with your teammates could help ensure that this will not be a problem. 

Make sure you centre your screen

We all know that things move around the Apex Legends landscape at a fast rate. To keep up, all you need to do is move your mouse. You should centre your screen to the focus of your attention. This will train you to track the action during a fight. Try to keep yourself in the habit of doing this as many players easily fall into the trap of forgetting and picking up bad habits. 

Find and utilise hacks

Hacks for specific games can be extremely useful in order to help you improve your gaming skill and knowledge. Brilliant resources like Iwantcheats offer insightful Apex Legends hacks which can help you get to grips with the game and improve your play. It can be hugely interesting delving into hacks like these and they can help you see the game in a different light and change up your play keeping it fun and exciting. 

Close those doors

The key to victory in most battle royale games is to use your map to your advantage. In Apex Legends, you should use your doors to your advantage. It is a simple tactic but hugely effective. By leaving the door open, you are making it easier for the enemy to engage you from the outside. Many players fall victim to this so always remember – close the door behind you. 

It can be easy to get caught up in the moment but by staying alert you will be able to grab your loot without any interference from your enemy. Work collaboratively with your team to ensure you have protection around you if you were to come under fire.

Adjust your mouse sensitivity

This step isn’t as easy but can make a huge difference in how you play. Apex Legends allows you to change both your mouse sensitivity and your sensitivity whilst aiming down sights. It can feel a little dauting at first and temptation may kick in for you to look it up online and copy someone else’s sensitivity settings. 

It is hugely beneficial for you to cater your sensitivity to your own play style. Again, this will take time. Practice, practice and more practice will be required but with patience and persistence it is sure to pay off in the end. Many would advise to keep your mouse sensitivity as low as comfortable to give you greater control over your movement and reduce inconsistency. 

Don’t get sloppy

During battle, so many players fall victim to firing shots in the direction of their enemy without any real thought. Aiming for the head of your opponent will allow for a cleaner shot. With that being said it’s certainly not easy. You won’t have to land as many shots on the body/legs if you think about your shots and aim for the head. Although it sounds simple, after a few hours of game play, your concentration can shift which can lead to these sloppy style shots. Make sure to stay alert and think fast on your feet but effectively. 

Practice, practice and more practice

Sounds obvious but the more you practice, the faster your skills will evolve in the Apex Legends world. Don’t fall victim to feeling defeated. Not every game is about the win. Take something away from each game and let it spur you on to be the Apex Legends pro you’ve always wanted to be. It’s important to enjoy yourself and work on getting as good at the game as possible.