The episode starts where the last episode left off- Conrad’s father in surgery, Devon having just broke up with his fiance on their wedding day, and Julian MIA. What is new is Lane Hunter has officially been released on bail from prison! Hello, and welcome back to The Resident!

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Being the only one on call because of Devon’s wedding, Dr. Bell goes into surgery to save Marshall Winthrop, the CEO of Chastain and Conrad Hawkins biological father. After 20 hours, he has done all he can, but it is enough. After a few hours, he wakes up, and the father and son share a moment. They get to talking, and Marshall signs over his medical advisory to Conrad, in case things ever went down hill again, as well as his wish for his life to be prolonged through excessive measures. Conrad accepts this, but you can tell he has hesitation. FORESHADOWING. I give it 4 episodes before Conrad has to make a ‘tough decision’.

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Conrad and Nic take the news of Hunter’s release not well, Nic clearly shaken. It becomes 10 times worse when Lane shows up to the hospital, though no one really knows why. As viewers, we know she is blackmailing Dr. Bell with allegations which are untrue, but would ruin his reputation and cause him to lose his job. Dr. Bell refuses to be swayed, stating he paid for her release, he is done. While this is going on, Hawkins has a young woman named Natalie who was treated with Chemo from Lane even though she didn’t have cancer, making her weak and lose her job on the force. Roger, her brother, blames himself, but Conrad thinks something else is at work. She thinks he is just like Hunter, trying to make money on false diagnosis. Lane finds out about the prostitution charges, and threatens to go to the board if he doesn’t go on trial and explain she was only doing her job. Back with Natalie, Dr. Voss notices a tiny fracture causing a compression on her spine, which is why Natalie cannot walk very well. Dr. Voss, Mina and AJ decide to perform surgery, AJ watching her heart as the chemo made it weak, while Mina and Voss install and spinal fusion. As Natalie is in surgery, Conrad calls Dr. Bell, who is of course pissed Conrad is acting like his usual, pompous self. Conrad doesn’t bat an eye, only explaining to Dr. Bell the reason Natalie was in surgery was because of Dr. Lane Hunter, and questions why she was visiting today, but Dr. Bell never responds. I think realizes the effects of what Lane did, as well as having recently gotten his hands bloodied helping Winthrop reminded Bell why he became a Doctor. The episode winds down to Bell writing a letter to the board, explaining the prostitution charge and not reporting it, but before he hits send, Natalie’s brother Roger goes and kills Dr. Lane in her hotel. Realizing he has gotten out of a very tight corner, Bell deletes the email.

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Nic and Mina begin their search of a physician to lead their free clinic. None of the applications really fit the requirements, but then the Resident assisting the ladies mentions Alec Shaw, a physician who works from his bus. Nic tries to talk him into coming and running their free clinic, but he is against hospitals, viewing their practices to the masses of over billing and treatment just to make a buck. As we all know, Nic and Conrad are in agreement to this mindset, but Alec seems to think they are just feeding him a line. Conrad seems a bit jealous of Dr. Shaw, but Nic realizes they have a lot in common, and pushes him the way she would push her boyfriend. It causes enough interest in Alec to at least visit the Clinic, even though it is a long way off from being complete, and their first patient walks in. Even though the clinic is closed, Nic and Alec treat him as he was hit in the face with a baseball, and the swelling will not go down. If they didn’t relieve pressure, the patient, Russell, would lose his eye. After treating him, Alec agrees to take on Physician position for the Clinic.

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Devon is struggling through life right now, after just losing Pryah, and Julian is not answering his texts of phone calls. When he goes into work, well, wakes up for his shift as he is trying not to return home until Pryah leaves, he notices a new QuoVadis rep. Devon begins to look into Julian’s disappearance more. Gordon Page has Julian’s phone, and sees the text come in. He begins to set in motion doubt in Devon’s mind, mentioning how she complained of a Doctor stalking her at work. Devon even shows up at her place, while Page’s men are inside destroying evidence. The episode ends with Gordon contacting the police, acting like a concerned boss. I think the police will pursue Devon for 2 episodes, before finding her car and realizing the accident happened during his wedding- hard to stalk someone off the road while everyone is at your wedding. But, for now, he moves in with Mina until Pryah moves to California, and the episode is at the end.

I am pleased with the twist of involving the police to slow down Devon’s search, as well as the fact they killed of Lane Hunter pretty fast. I thought she would linger for 3 or 4 episodes. I am glad Dr. Bell is growing up, though he still denies he has made mistakes. Still, willing the resign instead of getting strongholded by Lane is a big character development. Until next time, Stay Shiny!!