On this side of TGON, we have talked about Netflix’s hit series Big Mouth several times over. While this show focused on the trials and tribulations of puberty, there is a new show in town focusing on adult issues. Human Resources tackles pregnancy, postpartum depression, addiction, and more. I do not want to throw too many spoilers at you all; however, a few will be sprinkled in from here on out.

human resources
Source: IGN

The Story

Human Resources shares the lives of the monsters who aid or meddle in our lives. Viewers will see many familiar faces, such as the loveable Hormone Monsters, Love Bugs, Hate Worms, Shame Wizard, and Depression Kitty. In addition, however, we also saw the lives of Ambition Gremlins, Logic Rock Men, and Addiction Angels. In addition to the workplace antics, one will see a mixture of these characters work with the assigned humans. Overall, it is a similar premise to Big Mouth, more focused on the monsters and the adult side of maturing.


During the first episode, it is mentioned that Human Resources is a mixture of Big Mouth meets The Office. Unfortunately, I did not get that vibe. Sure, they are showing more of the office setting, but I did not see any similarities beyond that. However, I do not necessarily think that is a bad thing. Big Mouth has its own style of comedy unseen in any other series. It is crude and often far beats my expectations, and Human Resources is no different.

In addition, I found it refreshing to see the lives of the monsters. There was character development throughout, as seen in the story arc of trainee Love Bug Emmy. We even got to see the relationship between Maury and Connie blossom. Overall, this season put the groundwork for future seasons allowing viewers to connect with and enjoy the new workplace setting.  

Odds and Ends

In the end, if you want to check out this series for yourself, head on down to Netflix. I highly recommend this show to fans of Big Mouth and critics alike. It has a different vibe, which tends to be more enjoyable than its predecessor.