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So picking up from last week, when Hen and Buck, barged in on Bobby to see what was wrong with him. We learned that he has an addiction problem. This week we learn what the cause was for Bobby’s addiction and why his home is so bare. Turns out that he was an addict after hurting himself and got addicted to pills and alcohol. Bobby sneaks away on the pretense that he’s taking a walk and goes to another apartment in the same building to drink and get high. In the apartment he has a propane heater that he is using (he lived in Minnesota) and falls asleep. Upon waking up he realizes he’s been gone awhile and rushes out of the apartment to go back home. When he enters he finds his wife on the couch asleep apparently waiting for him. They get into an argument because she realizes he is using again and she asks him to leave the house. Her last words to him was that she loved him and that she will forgive him, just not that night. He leaves and returns to the apartment, but he forgot his keys. So, he goes to the roof to get high and drink and falls asleep again. He awakes to sirens and see’s the building on fire. He makes his way down to his apartment and just as he kicks the door open the floor gives way and he can’t help them. He cannot save his wife and two children. From that tragedy he just spirals out of control for two years and keeps moving forward. On top of that his crew has no idea.

We also learned a bit about Hen and her life. She has a wife and child at home and a crazy ex girlfriend who is incarcerated. Well, the ex called Hen up to ask her to visit. While there her ex asks Hen to speak on her behalf at her parole hearing to help  get her out. Hen is against this at first but when her ex explains that she’s been taking classes and staying out of trouble and it would really help her to have Hen’s support. I think it is just a recipe for disaster and then she kept it from her wife. So she finally breaks down and tells her wife and her wife is like “oh hell no”,  my sentiments exactly! You can totally see the residual feelings that Hen has and that she wants to help her. I feel like she is going to cause a lot of trouble for Hen in more ways than one.

Let’s not forget Abby, last week we left off with her mom walking out the front door as Abby slept. She wakes up panicking and runs out the door. Well Abby and Carla are trying to narrow down the search when Buck receives a text from Abby about her mom. He calls her and he tells her he will help in any way they can. Insert giddy fangirl scream, because let’s just put it out there Buck is hot, birth mark and all. So, he heads over to Abby’s and they hatch out a plan and begin searching. While on the search aka horrible first date, the chit-chat about things and a call comes in about a downed power line and a kids stuck in the pool. They decide to help and are able to save the little girl. Buck is impressed at how well Abby handles an emergency. Then Athena calls and they have found her mom so they head over there.

Abby meets up with Athena and three Mexican guys who brought her in, its LA so come on. One of them explains what they did and he tells Abby that he has some experience with that, with his abuelita (grandmother), and that it only gets worse. I believe Abby will have to commit her mom to a care facility or quit working one. She thanks them and takes her mom home. After Abby puts her mom to bed, she thanks Buck again and they chat for a bit and he hugs her and leaves. Later on that night Buck calls her and they maybe, perhaps got a little phone freakiness going, but that is only speculation. Wink, wink. I’m just gonna say it, Abby is a straight cougar

So we learned a little bit about Buck, Bobby, Hen, and Athena. Not too much on Chim. Actually nothing since the 3rd episode, so I will be anxious to see if they bring something up next week. Stay tuned y’all.