Source: Beacon Pines | Official Steam Page

If you’re a fan of the genre ‘cute but creepy’, Beacon Pines is the game for you. It’s an adventure game that plays like a storybook, where the words that the player chooses influence the game. Players play as both the narrator of the storybook and the protagonist, Luka. Something is afoot in Beacon Pines, and Luka plans to figure out what. Alongside his friends, they plan to uncover whatever secrets Beacon Pines is hiding.

To play the game as both Luka and the book’s narrator, players have to find word charms through exploring the world and interacting with it. Word charms are what can be used in the book to alter the reality of Beacon Pines, by placing these words in the blank spaces of the book. Word charms can be used to manipulate the weather, insult or befriend others, and even dictate what lurks in the bushes.

Source: Beacon Pines | Official Kickstarter Page

Other features include:

  • Explore an illustrated mountain town to collect word charms.
  • Use those words to alter the story.
  • Using those words to make friends.
  • Use those words to weave the fabric of fate itself.
  • Open the magical book at any time to go back and change your decisions.

This new game from Hiding Spot will be available on Steam and Nintendo Switch, with a demo of the game available on both Steam and Beacon Pines also has a Kickstarter page. You can watch the trailer here: