The Story Of Lilith and Lucifer The Morning Star

We know Lilith as the handmaiden of the Dark Lord sent to earth to groom Sabrina into a higher powered witch, but in this season we discovered that she is actually being groomed to take Lilith’s place as the queen of Hell. This position was promised to Lilith until the Dark Lord took fancy to Sabrina’s half-witch abilities. At the beginning of the episode, we were introduced to the love story of Lucifer and Lilith. Lilith wondered the wilderness for years when she came across Greendale, the city that Lucifer was sent to after he was kicked out of heaven. His back is badly bruised from his wing removal making it his weakest spot. Nevertheless, I admire Lilith’s loyalty even after discovering that he was just a manipulative beast underneath his angelic form. She stood by his side up until this point of him wanting a sixteen-year-old girl to be the queen of hell.

Blackwood’s Fall

The Dark Lord’s arrival was just what Fastus Blackwood needed to shake things up this season. In the previous episode, Father Blackwood renamed the Church Of Night to The Church Of Judas. I was glad that Prudence was present to witness the Dark Lord shame him for his mockery so that she could feel more stupid for wanting the Blackwood name so desperately. Both of them felt even more stupid when the Dark Lord informed them that they had to host the coronation for Sabrina and bow to her as their queen. Of course, Blackwood wasn’t happy to hear the news and tried so the evil bastard poisoned the coven so that he, prudence, and the twins could run away to start a new one. I haven’t always liked the weird sisters, but if they passed, I would be devastated. Their use of mischief and occasional alliance with Sabrina always kept the show interesting. Luckily, Zelda and Hilda were able to save some of the coven’s members. Without the Dark Lord’s Guidance, Zelda’s high priestess status will help her create a coven of her own.

The Gates Of Hell

When Harvey, Ros, and Theo were informed about the Dark Lord’s arrival to take Sabrina as her queen, the trio was sent to the mines to stop Hell from unleashing in Greendale. I loved that Ros’s family curse ended up being a gift. She was even able to help Harvey see what she saw so that he could draw the symbols to keep the gate closed. After Sabrina’s plan failed to attack the Dark Lord, they were her only hope. It was great that they were able to keep the mines occupied while Sabrina came up with a brilliant plan to stop the Dark Lord.

The Waltz

This scene was my favorite one from the entire episode. The Dark Lord was expecting complete Surrender from Sabrina, but instead, she hit him with a musical number that became a trap. I was surprised by Sabrina’s harmonious vocals as well as the rest of the cast members. Usually, I would think that this would be the wrong time for singing and dancing, but this was perfect! And that dress was #metgala worthy. I was also shocked that her father’s device couldn’t contain the Dark Lord as it did Batibat. Instead, Nicolas sacrificed his body to contain him in hell. It killed me to know that Nicolas played a role in lowering Sabrina into fulfilling the prophecy, but at least we know he was sincerely in love with her and this was his way of showing it. It’s also a great leading plot into season 3. Sabrina was also able to get her favorite teacher back and full powers as a token of gratitude for the official queen of hell Lilith. In the end, the Sabrina and her friends made a pact to rescue Nick from hell thus concluding that the adventures will continue.

Yay Or Nay

This season finale was amazing, so I will scream yay! Although most of my questions were answered this season, new ones have formed that I hope will be answered in the next season. Speaking of season 3, did you know that Nick Scratch and Theo Putnam will be the main characters in the next season? I’m actually excited to see what more great things Theo has to offer to the adventurous friendship as well as Nicolas warlock intelligence. It’s pretty clear from this season that Sabrina’s mortal world and the immortal world has shaken up to be more diverse and equal. Afterall there is now a Priestess, a queen, and a half-witch on the loose. Maybe Sabrina will make her father’s manifesto real. Other things that I’m looking forward to seeing in season 3 is Prudence and Ambrose union to behead Blackwood, Zelda takes back Leticia and Judas, and Sabrina overcomes the odds once again. Until then let’s enjoy this shirtless Instagram pic of Ross Lynch and Gavin Leatherwood.


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