Fear the Walking Dead continues to stay strong, I am saddened, but fully understand, why they are taking a week off but I can’t stand to have to wait so long for some answers! We start off with Teddy in prison, flashback obviously, he has a TV in his room and it’s reporting on the news that people are going crazy. An inmate is heading to be executed and Teddy tells him the end is the beginning. Things did not go well as walkers make their way back to the cell blocks and all the cell doors open, Teddy kills a guard walker and makes his escape. Back to present, Teddy tries to break Alicia by making her sit in a dark room and listen to the same message on loop on the loud speakers. She refuses to break, and she refuses to eat her bean ration and forces Teddy to have to go check up on her himself. Teddy is upset, but ultimately not surprised, that Alicia has continued to stay strong and doesn’t break, Riley has had enough of her and wants to kill her. Teddy insists she is important to the new beginning and doesn’t want to be questioned about her again.

John Glover as Teddy- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

A bunch of new recruits show up on a bus, Teddy is all sorts of excited for new people, turns out Dakota is on the bus as one of the new recruits! Alicia and Dakota exchange some words, but when Teddy learns that she tried to kill her own mother he insists she joins the journey. Teddy excuses himself to go see the new recruits and with a few moments alone Dakota tells Alicia that she went looking for her. She followed scouts around town thinking she would see Alicia but she never did, so she decided to join them in hopes she could find Alicia. She wants to try to make it up to her, she tells Alicia that they could easily kill him(Teddy) but Alicia tells her that there is no “we”.

Teddy has led them to a graveyard, to some crypt to gather a coffin of Teddy’s mother. He says that when he does what he sets out to do all of this will be gone(motions to everything around them). He says he doesn’t see why mother can’t be apart of the new beginning either. On the trip back Teddy runs over something in the road, spins and the corpse flies out of the back of the truck. In trying to get her back in the truck he kisses the nasty corpse on the lips! While all this commotion happens walkers start to approach. Alicia directs Dakota to help smash some walkers, Teddy gets himself in a compromising position by some walkers until a gunshot kills the walkers close to Teddy. Shockingly enough it is Cole from the stadium who is alive thanks to Alicia’s mother!

Teddy tries to radio Riley for some roadside assistance but doesn’t seem to get any response, in this break from Teddy, Cole tells Alicia that the group looked for her and the others for weeks. Cole reads the situation and how the truck needs some parts and says he knows of a repair shop near that has the items to fix the truck and will show them the way. Cole warns them that the area has some unsavory types to keep an eye out for and he has seen the nails through wood on the road thing before. Teddy who doesn’t quite trust Cole just yet asks him to give the gun to Alicia. Inside the repair shop, Alicia puts her guard down and puts the gun down, Cole grabs the gun and Viv and Doug, others that Alicia was with at the stadium, along with random people ambush them. Cole tells Alicia that after the stadium, and while looking for her and others, got shot up in a motel and them three are the only ones who survived.

Teddy thinks that Alicia is exactly the person he has been searching for, Cole wants details on where Teddy is starting a new life, thinking they have room for him and the others, Viv, Doug and the others want to just take the truck, supplies and go fearing walkers will show up soon. Cole refuses to give up and shoots the corpse of Teddy’s mother in the face and stomach to try to get him to talk. Dakota apologizes to Teddy for her mother, and he replies that is not his mother, which obviously throws everyone off. Cole tries to get Alicia to join them, which she refuses she wants to find out what Teddy is doing or others will die. Cole says if she doesn’t join up they will have to kill them, Alicia refuses so Cole lines them up.

The walkers approach and EASILY take out Cole’s group, which makes it very unbelievable that they could have survived this long. In the mayhem Alicia breaks free enough and gets a gun and has a standoff with Cole. They two of them talk and Cole is about to draw but Alicia is faster and shoots him in the head. Alicia tells Teddy that he is wrong, you don’t have to destroy everything to make things better, you just have to destroy people like him. Teddy tells Alicia that his mom thought he was sick in the head, so he killed her. He continues that the key will launch a missile from a beached submarine on Galvenstein, he says that should do the job you think? Now that Alicia knows the plan she tries to kill Teddy but Dakota turns on Alicia from behind with a shotgun. Teddy doesn’t want Alicia to die though and talks Dakota down. Alicia gets on the walkie to try to radio Morgan, after a few tries Strand is on the other end, she asks if she can trust him and he says of course. She tells Strand the details of what is going on and to tell Morgan.

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark, Zoe Colletti as Dakota – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Riley and the goons show up from behind and stops Alicia. Teddy is all sorts of happy about what has been going on. Now we see the back end come to light, Riley found out that in the 1950s the government built a bunker under a resort, he found out about it in an article and it was stocked up way better than their other hideout ever was. Teddy wants to show Alicia first and asks that Dakota stays outside, he reiterates his mantra, ‘The End is the Beginning’. He says he is the end, so Alicia has to be the beginning. After he does what he set out to do to essentially reset the world, the world will need to be rebuilt and it will come from Alicia and her hope. She is locked in a bunker of some sort and yells at Teddy that she will not rebuild the world the way he wants her too, and he says I know, that’s what I’m counting on, and he scurries away.