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Jane The Virgin “Chapter 36″

Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

I don’t know if I’m in a weirdly sappy, romantic mood, or perhaps I’ve entered my own Sliding Doors scenario, but Jane and Michael were cute this week. And I was more than tolerant of their cuteness. Even with Rafael “spiraling” in the background! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m #TeamRafael 5ever, but if Jane and Rafael had never been a thing, I could’ve shipped Jane and Michael. The proposal was also super adorable when he got down on his knee and then she did to and wouldn’t let him finish! That was very reminiscent of Ben and Leslie–a proposal that made me ugly cry. I do hate to remind you Jane and Michael fans (maybe I don’t hate to remind you :P) that this IS Jane the Virgin and nothing stays blissful for long.

Transitioning to Jane and Raf for just a minute because I am who I am, the saddest part of all of this sliding doors nonsense was that Jane seems to really regret being with Rafael. What the hell happened? Honestly. How do you date a guy, FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM, and then just straight up regret it a few months later? Was she just infatuated with the idea of a family and the feelings were never real? I’m sad now.

Let’s move onto happier things like the birth of Anna and Elsa. No, I’m not talking about Frozen! Can you believe Rafael and Petra have never seen it though? That’s crazy. Anyway, Jane and Petra were straight up amazing during this episode. I know they have nothing in common but they need to be best friends. I mean, look how tough Petra has made Jane, just in this one episode?? I think these two could really rub off on each other in positive ways. I’m looking forward to what’s to come!

Now let’s move forward to the more terrifying/ heartbreaking plotlines…

Rogelio is straight up trapped it is so terrifying. He was being a great method actor and really pretending he cared for his creepy stalker, but in the end, his performance just wasn’t good enough. How long will he be trapped? Who’s going to save him? Michael? Xiomara? Will they get back together? I’m straight up freaking out. Rogelio is too precious to this world to be trapped forever by his stalker.

And finally, Xo found out that Alba had “relations” with Pablo before her father, and she was super upset. But not for the reason that one may think, Alba has shamed Xo her whole life for being promiscuous, which she now sees is totally uncalled for. In the end they have a heart to heart, because Alba realized that she did to her daughter what many people did to her when she was young. This all resulted in Xiomara calling Pablo and inviting him to Miami. The only problem is…he brings bad luck wherever he goes!!

Uh oh. What’s gonna go wrong next? Take your guesses now!

Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds


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