Welcome to another week of awesome furry art!

I think you’ll find this week is a little different. Arcane. Magical even! But enough of that, let’s get right into this week’s picks, starting with:

7. Dresden

Starting off this week’s list is an interesting commission by Pqpics. Namely because of the character design – not only is he four-armed, but he’s also got two tentacles that look similiar to those of the displacer beast from Dungeons & Dragons. It looks more lynx than big cat – though a displacer beast sonas aren’t exactly unheard of. The swirly blues add a sense of mysticism to the picutrue, and those heavy chain weapons look wicked as well.

6. Elora

Furlana throws her hat into the Elora fan art ring with this lovely take on the faunish lady from the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. It’s a cute, well-done picutre that’s lovely to look at, bringing out that enchanting charm that Furlana’s ladies tend to have.

5. Light of the Dark

Danielle English comes onto the scene with this lovely #5 pick. This piece absolutely has a sense of magic, perhaps even a sense of magical realism. Like a strange vision one has while meditating or dreaming. The purple mists, iris-less eyes, and glowing antlers add to that surreal feeling, and give the piece a haunting feel. I also like how the trees have a v-shape to them, giving a visually appealing piece to look at.

4. Hypno-Racc

Enchanting its way into the #4 spot is this neat commission by Flint of Ally’s character. Hypnosis is, surprisingly, something a lot of furries tend to be into for one reason or another. Then again, it’s not too surprising, given that cartoons like The Jungle Book had that hypnotizing snake.

This piece, however, is simply a lot of fun to look at. Maybe it’s the pose of the character, or the magic purple streams? Or could it be those hypnotic eyes? Regardless, Flint did a great job of giving this villanous vision of someone’s character.

Don’t get too hypnotized, though, we’ve got the honorable mentions to check out:

Weren’t those just royal? Now, onto the top three, starting with:

3. Worgen Duo

Worgens have a habit of showing up on these lists, don’t they? This time we’ve got a Worgen couple, whom I assume are either royals, or at least nobles of some kind. They have enough gold to their design to justify it, as well as some neat golden rose crowns. The eyes are also interesting, with a surreal glow to them that suggests otherwoldly, arcane prowess.

2. Night in the City

Stealing into the #2 spot is this vapor-wave heavy, neo-noir piece by TLT Echelon. What really works in this piece is the way everything is set. Haiko, the vixen in the picture, isn’t center stage, but rather part of the scenery. There’s so much around her that it gives the city this larger-than-life feeling and the idea that she’s just another citizen of it. The neon glows are done great as well, lending some neat eye-candy while not being so bright that they detract from everything else. There’s even a sense of mystery – who is that shadowed, umbrella-carrying fellow in the background?

And now, this week’s #1 pick is:

1. Lord of the Spirits

Coming in at #1 is this beautiful commission by Eruca of the wandering sage, Állúra. A touch of magic and mysticism seemed to be in the cards for this week, and what better way than to end the list with some full-on magic?

Well, it’s just a coincidence this piece made the top spot – themeing aside, there’s a lot going on that make this the best pick for this week. For example, look at Állúra’s design: all the colors work exceptionally well together, even some out-of-the-ordinary choices like the inner ear fur being green. It’s unusual, but it adds to the magic of the piece, as does her long purple tail. Add water that’s sweeping around her, and a magical, glowing spirit ball and you’ve got one well-executed piece.

Congratulations and well-done Eruca! Your piece is the top pick for this week!

Isn’t it interesting how some things work out? Maybe there was more magic going on than what was in the picutres? It’s probably a coincidence – or is it?

But what did you think of the list? Agree? Disagre? Or was there an awesome piece I missed that I just had to see? Let me know down below, and I’ll see you all next time!