We’ve finally made it into the month of October, where spookiness and Fall magic reign supreme! Okay, there’s still November for that Thanksgiving magic, but that’s a different kind of magic. I think.

As usual, we’ve got some great picks lined up for you today. This was another tough week – some of the honorable mentions barely got beat out by the top picks! As for spooky? Hm, I think we’ve got a little bit of that this week. So let’s get started, beginning with #7:

7. Seraphi and Minerva – Angel of Hope

Starting this week off is this rather beautiful angel done by Jeso. With so much gold and glowing shine it’s hard not to stop and take a quick look at this one. Plus the heavy shadows on the white fur help to make a neat little contrast that also helps the picture stand out and be eye-catching.

And then you have the little gryphon that’s being cared for by the angel, which adds a bit of sweetness to the drawing. It helps that the gryphon is really cute too, it just adds to the whole image.

6. Omni Vaporwave

And now we go from the sweet and cute to the neon and cool. Coming in at #6 is a drawing by Metricvoid that has quite the heavy vaporwave influences. I think it captures that cool neon glow aesthetic rather well. I like how the glow of the pink and blue was done on the character as well, giving them a bit of contrast with the lights which goes well with the cool character design. There’s also a neat reflection on the floor as well that helps add to things.

Also…is that glowing eye a Sans reference?

5. Supernova

Up next we’ve got something that’s literally far out and in space – we’ve got an intergalactic anthro! Safiru hits us this week with something that I’ve actually never seen before. And that’s saying a lot – I’ve been a furry for many years and since starting this series seen lots of art.

This does sort of give me Lion King-esque vibes. Remember that scene where Mufasa appears in the clouds? And I like how they use different cosmic elements for different parts of the body such as the massive glow where the heart should be (probably a huge sun), and stars where the eyes are. It’s a great concept and a unique one for sure!

4. The Selfless Vulpera Medic

I honestly mistook this as a drawing by Silverfox when I first saw this. When I saw it wasn’t, I was relieved – that means I get to feature it in the top seven! And what’s not to like about this one – we’ve got ourselves a fearsome furry female fennec handing out health potions and other assistance to those in the middle of a heated battle. And I do mean heated – look at that fire in the background!

Okay, so she’s not a fennec, she’s a Vulpera, but I had to do the alliteration. I do love the detail that Milkwyvern put into her, though. She looks as furry and fluffy as you’d expect, and I like how the tail looks like it has longer strands of fur than the rest of the body. And they even got the little stiches on her outfit too!

Don’t get too spaced out on those health potions though, we’ve still got to check out the honorable mentions for this week:

An interesting mix this week and a ping pong of moods to be sure! But still a nice collection and some of these just barely missed making the top seven. But that doesn’t make them any less awesome!

Now, onto the top three, starting with:

3. Fractal

Kicking off the top three is the continuation of the vaporwave craze, with Sweetsasu giving us this sweet commissioned cyber-looking four armed, eight tentacled, cyber snake creature. I don’t know what the proper term for it would be, but what I do know is how awesome this design is! There’s so much cool glow to the design, but it strikes the right balance between too little and too much. You can enjoy looking at it without feeling like a vaporwave colored burn is coming through your eyes. Plus you’ve got the dark plating of the character that contrasts with the bright neons for some cool color play.

Plus tentacles! Tentacles everywhere! Including some that get up in the camera and have a neat blur effect, giving our octo friend here some real size and presence.

2. The Last

I was very surprised – and pleased! – to see this one. Sometimes I feel like I’m one of the few who’ve seen The Last Unicorn, let alone heard of it, so seeing this awesome take on a confrontation between the Unicorn and The Red Bull was a real treat. While not as nightmare-inducing as the film version, this Red Bull still looks massive, powerful, and menacing. It’s also such a great moment recreated too, during the climatic scene where Amathea is forced to confront it along with the other unicorns and…well, let’s not spoil it.

Mystalia asked for critique on the piece, and while I’m not an art critic by any means, I guess I can attempt to do it. I think what this piece’s strong suit is, aside from the style, is how everything is framed. Everything draws you right into the menacing gaze of the Red Bull. Even the unicorn’s tail whips around the center and even points to it. It’s a very bold and visually engaging piece, and while the unicorn may be the last one, hopefully this piece isn’t!

And that leaves us with our number one pick, which is:

1. Hypnosis

Russian artist Natalie de Corsair takes the number one spot this week with this downright creepy fellow here, with numerous eyes looking, gazing, and I’m assuming hypnotizing everyone and anyone they can see, if the title is anything to go off of. The design of the character also makes it a perfect contender for “spookiest furry art piece” as well!

You’ve got a demonic-looking character, lights, heavy shadows, fangs, and bright, eerie purple eyes that glow and contrast with everything. Seriously those things stick out like a sore thumb! And the way they’re situated everywhere adds to the creepiness factor. Now if I can only avoid getting drawn in by those eyes…but don’t worry, hypnosis doesn’t make me bias – in all fairness, this is the week’s #1 pick! Congratulations Natalie and well done!

And that brings us to the end of October’s first week, and with a top pick like that, what a first week it is! I can’t wait to see if there’s any other super spooky pictures coming in down the pipeline. Or heck, just Halloween-themed art in general. I can certainly go for some cutesy Halloween art too. Get in a little bit of that cute miscievieous side.

Hopefully with less eyes, but then again, eye don’t see the problem with that.