Welcome to anther month for awesome furry art! There’s some great picks this week that I think you all will enjoy, both in style and theme. We’ve even got a crossover or two as well! So let’s jump right in with the #7 spot:

7. Cassie and the Moon Spirit

Kicking things off this week is a piece that actually reminds me of Kubo and the Two Strings – namely because of the whole theme of a moon spirit and how they take a serpentine form for the final battle.

Either way, I love the way this came out, and how menacing the Moon Spirit looks in this painting. I like his design, the color choice – heck the color of the painting itself gives it this fantastical, almost ethereal look. Perfect for the face off with a powerful spirit!

6. Damned If I Do

Once again we’ve got another great piece by Natalie de Corsair – this time she lends her talent to a commission featuring two nice looking but equally deadly looking vampire bats! I love the overall gothic look of the drawing as well. You’ve got a couple of vampires in some sharp, attractive clothing, and then you’ve got the eerie house looming in the background.

Wonder where – or who – they’re going to grab a bite from tonight?

5. Hugging Plush Mimic

Looks like it’s time for a short nap for the #5 piece. I think it’s too early though – we haven’t even gotten to the honorable mentions! Kuro Ame wows us again with another attractively-drawn anthro – this time we’ve got a…furry Naga? Yep, there’s no half-animal fantasy species that furries won’t make a furry version of it seems.

It’s a piece that’s equal parts adorable (just look at that mimic plush!) and equal parts attractive. Just be careful – I hear nagas can be pretty fierce! She seems to be a bit of a book worm – or book snake – as well.

4. Knighting

Knighting (Сollab)
Art by Hini & Etsu_Cuprumfox

Who doesn’t love a magic sword – or a knighting that’s imbued with some magic? Judging by the tags on the FA post (I found this originally on r/furry), this seems to be a snapshot from a Dungeons and Dragons session. Well, I think it’s quite the take on the scene! I really like the way the lion and his outfit came out in this. That mane looks majestic, and if you look at the hands you’ve even got little feline-esque claws poking out.

Now the question is if the lion is the one being knighted or is someone out of frame being knighted?

So far so good! July looks like it’s off to a strong start with some interesting pieces – we’ve had magic knightings, furry nagas, and fearsome moon spirits. Before we hit into the top three, though, let’s check out some cool honorable mentions for this week:

Why yes, I’d love my tea poured by a cute Lucario. Who wouldn’t?

What an adorable otter! Seriously, if you want adorable artwork, you need to follow Silverfox!

All the world will be your enemy, Prince with A Thousand Enemies. Love this take on Watership Down!

Piper is an artist I just started following recently – and they tend to cute little furry fusions like this. Again, if you like adorable, you owe it to yourself to follow them!

We need more owl art. Especially if it’s as awesome as this! Love that sun-halo.

Check out this awesome night time city drawing!

You’ve heard of furry nagas, now get ready for awesome furry Bloodbourne art!

Those were some pretty great pieces! Let’s move along into the the top three, starting with:

3. Imaginations Edge

Starting off the top three is is really wondrous piece taking place in a fantastic fantasy landscape. When I saw this and the title it really stuck out to me as a creative. Sometimes, it kinda feels like this; you’re just standing while all these fantastic elements and ideas come swirling around you. And swirl they do, and lead your eyes around all of the things going on in this piece.

According the FA post, Cynide usually doesn’t do fantasy work, but I think they knocked it out of the park with this one. Nice work!

2. Defiance the Unicorn

Coming in at the #2 spot is another great piece by Orphen-Sirius – and goodness it’s something that manages to be really cute and handsome at the same time. C’mon, that smile is infectious.

But there’s a lot going on here that I like. Orphen once again delivers at creating an impressive amount of detail and a lively background, and I really dig some of the design choices. For example, note how Defiance’s hands are keratin-stubbed, and then note how they have a glittery rainbow look to them – fitting for a unicorn I think! That outfit looks just as fabulous too.

While all these pieces are great, there can only be one first pick, and this week it’s…

1. Shadow Lounge

Coming in at #1 is this outstanding piece by Golden Druid. And I think it plays well with what seems to be the (coincidental) theme of this list: fantasy and imagination. Honestly, if the two characters were wearing different clothes, you could almost think this was some sort of fantasy picture. Just check out those curtains – absolutely cosmic! To say nothing about the overall detail in the pic, and I love the colors of the anthros in this pic.

I also really love the overall atmosphere of the piece. It’s a very welcoming, relaxed, easy going picture. And with all the crazy that tends to happen in the world, it’s nice to have paintings like this. Congratulations and well done Golden Druid! This piece is the #1 pick for this week!

And that wraps up another week of furry art! Looks like July is off to a pretty fantastical start. Sorry, I had to.

Also, if you’re an artist on Twitter and want to help me find your art, I’ll be browsing either #FurryFandom or (more likely) #furryartwork to look for pieces to feature. Use both of those tags to help ensure I find you! Even if you don’t draw furry stuff regularly, it’s still up for consideration. I look for any cool anthro art – regardless of if you’re a fur or not.

See you all next week for more fantastic favorites!