Grace is passed out in some forest with pink vibrant trees with some walkers approaching. A younger girl saves her from the walkers named Athena and then leads her to her home. It turns out the place is the dam that Grace used to live in, she struggled to remember her name but instantly recognizes Morgan. The two talk and Morgan doesn’t believe that she is Grace until she shares a bunch of information only she would know. Morgan believes it, but also doesn’t believe it because Grace is dead, she died when she was giving birth to her daughter. She already met her daughter, Athena, the one who saved her in the forest.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Karen David as Grace, Sahana Sprinivasan as Athena – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

This timeline has fast-forwarded around sixteen years, June has been promoted to a doctor, Charlie is now her apprentice, Daniel and Strand are now friends. Dwight and Sherry are back together and have two kids together. Al went off on her own a while ago, while Alicia, Wes, and Luciana went to start a place at the stadium. Morgan said everyone put their differences aside and got together after Athena was born. Morgan figures if the two of them and Athena go on a run it is a chance she can get to know her daughter a little bit. On their run, they come upon a car, and Grace is sure she has seen it before. It says The End is the Beginning and the words wrap around the car, when Grace goes around to see the car when she gets to the back it explodes. Morgan disappears and fades away, she can hear his voice but not see him.

Grace has extreme deja vu, a walker keeps getting killed, and Athena points to a direction where the wall is, but it’s a different direction every time. Grace eventually feels this isn’t real and that she is unconscious, she mumbles in the real realm and Morgan tries real hard to wake her up. Morgan is talking with June over the walkie and says they were attacked and can’t make it and that Grace is in labor who is passed out. Morgan can’t talk long because Riley and his thugs have found Morgan and he is under attack. Back in the dream world, Athena is leading Grace to the vet’s office at the junction. Riley shows up in the dream world, Athena and Grace both feel extreme pain in the stomach area. Grace is able to kill Riley in the dream world through and Grace and Athena’s stomach pains start to subside.

Athena and Grace have a long ways to go and suddenly a white horse comes up that they can take the rest of the way. Inside in real-time Morgan is getting ready to fight off the attackers. In the dream world, Grace tells Athena she doesn’t think she has much time to live, and she apologizes that she won’t get a chance to know her. Back to the dream world, Riley and his thugs in walker form are at the vet’s to get the key from Athena’s neck. The walker Riley actually looks pretty cool and says he has been looking for the key for a while now. Real-time Morgan goes beast mode with his stick and kills all Riley’s lackeys quite easily before stabbing Riley in the chest and he retreats for now. While in the dream world the girls are able to fight off the others before Riley captures Athena and Grace passes out again. Morgan is giving Grace CPR in real-time, but Grace waits so she can say a proper goodbye to her daughter in the dream world.

– Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Grace wakes up and says she is going to have a girl, and she doesn’t know if she is going to survive the pregnancy. She says everything will be OK because of her daughter.  Riley comes in hot in a vehicle with a gun, he holds Morgan and then Grace at gunpoint. Grace insists that Morgan give him the key; it won’t do him any good. She says that she has seen the future, and things will be better. He gives Riley the key who leaves.  Grace gives a stillborn birth and the baby won’t cry and doesn’t live, they both question why this is happening. Grace says she wasn’t seeing her own final moments, she was seeing her daughters.