There’s sly tricksters, pool parties, lovely sirens and more in April 2020’s third week of furry art.

Trying out something new with the titles this week! I’ve noticed the past few weeks there’s been an unintentional “theme” or recurring elements in my picks, so I figured why not try something fun with that?

April’s still got some pretty nice pieces left to offer it looks like! So let’s take a look and see what we can see, shall we? Anchors aweigh!

7. The Siren

Starting things off this week is this rather alluring anthro siren by Bellachan. Don’t get too lost in those eyes though! She might take you away somewhere you don’t want to go. Remember – it’s all a trap!

But a rather good looking one at that. I don’t normally see pink combined with black and gold, but I think this siren pulls it off great. I also think the semi-transparency of her pink sashes is also a nice touch.

6. A Tricky Fella

Better watch out! Speak of tricks and traps, we’ve got this sly fellow done by Natalie de Corsair.

This is one of those really fun drawings to look at. First, I love the fiendishly evil grin they have. You know this guy’s wanting to give someone trouble for the fun of it.

But what else really makes this fun is the way the character’s body curves and twists. They look like a curvey fellow to begin with, but the way their body, hands, legs, and tail do this snake-like curve just adds to that trickster idea at play here.

5. Everything Will Be Okay

ERA-7 is an artist I’ve been watching for a few weeks now on FurAffinity, and the always put out some great work. A lot of it tends to be more cosmic-fantasy type art, but this was a welcome change when I saw it pop up while browsing the art site.

It’s such a nice, warm peaceful drawing. Plus, those dragons look so cute together. Something I think we could use a little more of in recent times.

Also, it technically continues the theme of water since they are surrounded by water!

4. Skeksa the Mariner

I don’t what it is, but something about this fellow also gives off a villain-like impression. I guess it’s the way he’s looking slightly down and the lighting of the piece.

But I like it! If not because the overall design of the character is cool, and you all know how I love me some purple lighting as well.  And those blades look rather wicked as well – don’t want to run into this mariner out on the high seas, that’s for sure!

Before we get into the top three, let’s take a look at some special mentions.

Do you like cityscapes? Because I sure do. Check out this great piece!

This little hot pyro would’ve been a dead ringer for hitting the top seven this week. The only thing is Sixth Leaf Clover already won for April! That doesn’t mean we can’t still check out some their hotter pieces though.

So Disney is doing a “live action” Robin Hood remake. Y’know the one with the foxes. Oh boy, we’ll have to see how that goes. But, Pointed Fox decided to make some lemonade and came up with this cool concept drawing for Robin.

Last of her Kind

How has Luthien Nightwolf stayed off the radar of this series for so long? Check out this pretty unicorn that she completed this past week for a client.

Someone’s having a nice nap! I really love these Sualokin characters. I need more of them dangit!

Y’know I really like the design of this character. They also seem a little mischievous – would’ve fit right in with Natalie’s drawing, eh?

Alright, let’s take a look at the top 3 pieces of the week!

3. Le Merchand

Watch out! This guy seems like quite the blast!

Xeno1805 put out this rather dashing champ this week. I really love the coloring and style of this piece. It’s got some nice bright colors, but nothing too bright or too colorful. It’s just the right balance.

I love all the little explosives lying around too. Lots of different shapes and sizes. Watch out for that present-looking one though…that one’s probably a bomb too!

2. Havasu Falls Party

Is it really a top seven list without Kyander popping up on here somewhere? They strike up onto the #2 spot with this awesome canyon lake adventure.

These two look like they’re having plenty of fun. Plus there’s little details here and there that’re nice to look out for and see. We’ve also got another sea-critter similar to the siren. What a nice bookend!

Kyander never seems to disappoint with their art. But they were narrowly outdone for the #1 spot, which is…

1. Summer Vibes

Coming at #1 is….another swimming picture!? Yes! Time for some pooltime fun!

Well, us in the real world might not be able to due to certain events, but hey, it’s not like we can’t live through our characters eh?

This is a really, really fun piece to look at. Okay, yeah it’s obvious eye candy because of all the guys, but notice how different they are. You got that dragon in the front (who even has little mini-horns/bones growing out of them), a ram-looking character, another dragon-like character in the background, and that otter leaping into the pool in the back.

There’s so much going on and so much to look at. It’s very much one of those pieces where you pick up something new each time you look at it because of all the little individual moving pieces. Well done Snoettel and congrats!

Once again a big shout out to the other six artists that made it on this week’s picks, and to the special mentions, and non-special mentions too, well done! Just remember, I’m one furry with my own likes and dislikes. Just because I may have retweeted your art but not featured it on here doesn’t mean it’s bad!

Let’s see what art and themes next week’s art has in store for us, shall we?