Video games since the day they became introduced to us, were a form of escapism and an elaboration of our deepest imagination. It makes complete sense that many people all over the world rely on them heavily now for entertainment. They continuously evolve and become better each time a new release is given to the video gaming community. India, not only being one of the biggest video gaming communities in the world, has some great games that are actually set within India or originate from India.

Tomb Raider from the 90s is an example in terms of Indian locality game settings and that game is popular worldwide. What you will soon come to know when reading our article, is how some of the best games in the world are inspired from Indian culture and of course the beautiful setting and landscapes that we see so often when we open our National Geographic magazine. 

India has created so many popular games, even beyond the category of video games. Some of the most popular games to this day, like Chess, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Andar Bahar. All of them originated in India. However, as these are board games and card games, they cannot be included in the most popular Video Games set in India.

What are the most popular video games set in India, you ask? Well, keep on reading to find out exactly what’s, what.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy 

This Uncharted title is one that is set within the mountains of Tamil Nadu. Set in the civil war, you will play with the character and treasure hunter Chloe Frazer. The aim of the game is to seek out the Tusk of Ganesh alongside the mercenary help of Nadine Ross. Developers of the game decided to choose this location, as there was much to explore and reap in terms of game motivations for players. It is such a beautiful and has great natural diversity that only heightens your experience as you play.

When you play you will capture the essence of wildlife and embrace what life is, outside of the urban areas of India. While the game also includes the urban city life, you get a varied mix of both nature and society, which keeps things super interesting and captures your attention further. The game has received immense positive reviews, as players have loved getting to know more of the main character (Chloe) and her roots within India. So, if anything, while it is entertaining, you also learn quite a bit of Indian culture too, which makes gaming that much better.

Tomb Raider III 

Tomb Raider fans will always know that the storylines within these games are innovative and super adventurous. Within this classical game released in the 90s, you will see that the game’s first location is within India. Apparently, the way the developers decided upon this location was by spinning a globe and seeing where it stops when their finger was placed on it. We see within the game walkthroughs on the internet, that there are 5 locations and India is just one of them. You will face the challenges of the jungles of India, and fight off the animals that lurk in the darkness and depths. Of course, being that lyra is a treasure hunter, you will be looking for one of the crystal meteorite artefacts within the game, and it will not just be baboons and tigers that you have to watch out for. It will be a fight for survival more than anything…

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles 

Assassins Creed is not only a game franchise now, it hit the movie screens too, and guess what? It created a storm of popularity. Assassin’s Creed is a game that takes place during the 1800s, and while you must kill foes in the name of the order, you must also protect your circle and steal back items which belong to the order. This game begins within the Sikh Empire, within East India, highlighting the beautiful visuals that India has to offer, of course.

You will fight foes with traditional items of India, including typical weapons of this particular time period, such as Mughal and Sikh swords. So, you will fully immerse yourself into the India of two centuries ago. You cannot really refuse such an opportunity really, as it is educational, has some entertaining incentive behind it and will most definitely keep you on your toes!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

This game only features India for a short period of time. Nevertheless, it does actually feature in there and gives you some significant game time to work with. Located within the Himachal Pradesh, the area is invaded by Makarov’s nationalists. It is your job here to defend the town and the citizens which live in it ultimately. While you are faced with action from all angles, you will see how great the graphics are when they are combined with explosives and gun fire. 

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

The last game to be mentioned within our list, is the Prince of Persia game series. Released in 2003, this game has you playing as the noble prince, who is on a mission to pass through the region of India, to visit the Sultan of Azad. This location is exactly where the game is set, and your aim is to form an alliance to prevent any possibility of a coming war. However, due to persuasion of the Artefacts of Time, the prince mistakenly will set the sands of time on the people in surrounding regions, and transform them into monsters.

You will work to correct this mistake made, and use the same artefact of time to kill enemies and prevent enemies from stopping your mission. The task here is to try and restore the balance that has been dismantled by your actions (as the prince). This game has racked up great reviews upon its release, due to the active action roleplay that you can have when you play.