And here we are, breaking into the lovely month of March. Saint Patrick’s Day is this month, isn’t it? No slow down for holidays it seems!

We’ve got another great list for you all this week. Lots of great painting style pieces for this list – so if you’re a fan of brushwork, this is the list for you!

Let’s get things going, starting with the #7 pick:

7. Biding Time

Kicking off this week’s list is this Worgen painting by Jerome Jacinto. As usual, they bring lots of intricate detail and color to the piece. Also, I might add that it’s interesting to see a bit of a darker approach to woodland art. Usually, it’s set during the day, or at night with a lot of glowing ambiances. The darkness around the tree really helps bring focus to the Worgen. In fact, the tree also helps add to that focus – notice how it goes well with the Worgen’s pose.

Not a bad way to start a list of art!

6. Enter Deimos

Coming in at the #6 spot is this intergalactic piece by Shamerli. Apparently, this is the first piece of art done for a character named Deimos – and what a first piece it is!

It’s a visual spectacle, that’s what it is. Bright, vivid colors, a beam of energy shooting forth, and lots of cosmic effects going here, there, and everywhere. In addition, it’s a bit of a unique design for a dragon, too. Helps it stand out even more as an awesome debut piece.

5. Striking Slash

Striking its way into the #5 spot is this fearsome werewolf warrior done by Kazashino for the game Shadowverse.

See, that’s what I like about doing this series. You never know where you’ll find awesome furry art from – as well as new artists to follow!

Getting back on track, there’s a lot to like about this piece. Okay, so it’s got lots of blues and purples, two of my favorite colors. In addition, check out the awesome, dynamic action going on here. The energy path left by the claws is so fierce and in-your-face, it’s hard not to take a liking to this rugged wolven warrior.

4. Anthros Fur Hire

It’s time to take on some adventures and shuffle the deck for the #4 pick, courtesy of Brendo Saldnha. Turns out, this is inspired by a set of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Who knew, right?

There is a lot of variation in the poses and character designs that make this a real cool piece to look at. And it’s not just the species, either; you’ve got different styles of swords, poses, and armor. A lot of cool variety to look at, all rendered in some awesome detail. I wonder what their attack and defense points are, though?

Before we get set on that, let’s check out this week’s honorable mentions, starting with:

Quite a nice gathering of pieces, right? Now, let’s kick off the top three, starting with:

3. Fire Starter

We’re starting off the top three with a real fire piece of Pokemon fan art.

Okay, I’ll see myself out.

But seriously, this is a pretty cool piece. We’ve got our dreaming, wild-eyed (and adorable) shiny Vulpix who aspires to be a real fire starter. And above him is his shiny evolved Ninetails form.

The artist claims they overdid it on the shading, but I think it looks pretty good. Besides, you can never have too much shading and shiny when it comes to fire! Couple that with a real sense of enchantment and wonder, and you’ve got a nice entry into this week’s top picks.

2. Tol’vir Warrior

You’ve seen a centaur, now get ready for a cat-taur. Okay, so it’s not half human half centaur, but it works, right?

What’s not debatable is how awesome this picture looks. I’m really liking these bright, striking, vivid blues and reds, balanced out with some nice gold and white. There’s just so much going on color-wise with this piece that’s great.

She’s also a strong-looking warrior too – check out the muscles on the arms and the abs. There’s definitely something to be said about a powerful looking female warrior.

Speaking of warriors, we’re now off to the #1 pick for this week:

1. Petal

Coming in at #1 is this downright beautiful badger warrior by Yacrical. A male badger warrior, if the picture’s FA page is anything to go off of. Who said only ladies could have flower themes?

There’s so much that I love about this piece. The serene look in the badger’s face, that lovely crown of flowers he’s wearing, and how the greens and reds balance out the steel of the armor and the black-and-white fur. But is that armor silver, or green? It’s hard to tell, as Yacrical also has plenty of nature reflecting off of the badger’s shining armor. Almost as if he’s some sort of protector of this spot of the forest.

It’s also a little different for me. Maybe I read too much Redwall, but I’m used to badger warriors being huge and powerful. This guy’s more…serene and graceful-looking.

The only other thing I have to say is: congratulations and well done, Yacrical! Your piece is the #1 pick this week!

And what a week that was! I honestly had trouble deciding what would even make the top seven. It’s always going to be a great week of art when that happens!

Can’t wait to see what next week has in store – let’s march on forward, shall we?